Custom Thesis Writing Service

You have no margin for error when it comes to such life-changing projects as a dissertation or a thesis. What you need is perfection without compromises, and our writers have enough professionalism to guarantee it. Having trusted our experts, you get the best papers on the most favorable terms!

Custom dissertation writing service: what we offer

Whether you require a dissertation or thesis, we provide competent assistance with it. Working with Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate academic projects, we help you get any academic degree. Whatever you mean by "thesis" and "dissertation," we write it in the best possible way.

In fact, our writer prepares an intellectual product for you. We consider four main variants of cooperation:

  • a one-stop type of service (the writer crafts the dissertation from scratch);
  • a collaborative type of service (the writer uses some of the student's materials to compose the paper);
  • partial implementation of your project (we can make only the part of your dissertation);
  • editing and rewriting type of help (our specialist checks all the nuances and improves the quality of your dissertation significantly).

When students hire our agency, they also receive the following accompanying services:

  • day and night support on the live chat;
  • revisions during a certain time;
  • consultations and clarifications on the subject matter.

Whatever type of cooperation you choose, you will be satisfied with impeccable results. Whether you hire a writer, a researcher, an editor, or the whole team, we take your order with the utmost seriousness.

Custom theses writing in detail

Writing a dissertation is painstaking work demanding a lot of intellectual efforts, time, and concentration of attention. We make this process easier. Thesis writers from can implement all the stages of this work, starting from research and up to composing articles for scientific journals.

1. Choose a topic for your thesis/dissertation

Our assistants can give helpful advice on which theme to opt for. If you still have not chosen or formulated the topic of your paper, our writers can suggest several ideas. Experience in the custom thesis writing business enables us to recommend good variants.

2. Analyze available materials on your subject matter

Our thesis writing service researchers thoughtfully examine articles, monographs, and scholarly pieces of writing devoted to your thesis topic. Our agency's writers process an overwhelming amount of information to come up with valuable suggestions and get the best results for our dear clients.

3. Build a plan for your project

Our writer establishes the structure for the paper so that to set frames for further intellectual work. We can send the plan to the customer to agree on the number of chapters and their content in advance. Thus you can make sure that we write what you need.

4. Generate ideas for your thesis

Our team's writer is skilled enough to come up with valuable suggestions and findings on your project. We have managed to hire specialists in various fields of science, arts, and technology. So, writer's block and a lack of ideas are not about us.

5. Compose the text for every chapter of your paper

We take writing your thesis very seriously. In our work, we are guided by common rules of scientific papers. It is about an official tone, usage of proper terminology, clear formulation of thoughts, pure grammar, etc.

6. Add visual objects to the thesis

Specialists of our dissertation writing service know how to present results in charts, tables, and pictures correctly. We are lucky to have professional designers on our team, so your paper's visual elements are always perfect.

7. Adjust the dissertation to a particular format

This step of writing a thesis is probably the most monotonous. We do not want you to waste time on it — leave it to our professional specialists. For more than ten years, we have been writing and editing numerous theses and dissertations. Today, we are aware of all the nuances of different citing styles and hence can cope with your paper in the shortest terms.

8. Edit and proofread the text

The best dissertation is the one that is checked and rewritten several times. It sounds boring, yet with our professional editors, you do not need to spend time on this stuff. We will revise every single detail of your paper.

In our pursuit to become the best thesis writing service, we control the quality at each stage of our work. We want to make sure that our customer gets an impeccable paper and do our best to bring it all to perfection.

Thesis writing services: Why order here

Students come here to order their first essays and stay with us for college years and even longer. It cannot be otherwise, as we bring undeniable advantages. We do not only write awesome projects but do them on the best terms.

The specialist in your sphere writes your thesis

Dissertations are evidence-based papers written according to specific requirements. Every area of science and subject has its peculiarities, rules, terminology. That is why it is important that a true expert works on it. Our thesis writing services company has enough specialists in different disciplines, including narrow and little-researched ones. If you want someone to write your life-changing treatise, please, hire our team; we will never fail you.

The best balance between decent quality and affordable prices

In our work, we use economies of scale and versatile experience in the sphere of online business and scientific treatises. The combination of these factors enables us to set average prices for our services. We are happy to support all students, aspirants, young scientists in their ambitions for science development. The money you pay us is only an honest sum to cover our expenses and no more extra profits.

We practice a responsible approach to the custom dissertation writing

The cost of mistakes is rather high when it deals with dissertations or any other papers for aspirants and graduate students. We take dissertation writing help with great seriousness as we comprehend the importance of such projects. Our writers follow the standards of the modern scientific world and your dissertation adviser's recommendations, in particular. Our paper is never a hastily written text. Striving to craft the best dissertation for every customer, we unite our professional talents, creativity, and analytical skills.

You are free to order any part of the dissertation

We understand that some students do not need the whole dissertation — they require help with one chapter, for instance. On our portal, you can easily place an order for one or several sections. By doing so, you can save money and get effective help with the most complicated pieces of writing. Even when some parts of your project are written professionally, the overall impression is great.

People choose our agency for various reasons, and they always win with our paper writing help. Having become our customer, you can feel all the benefits of our service. Everything starting from the pleasant communication on our live 24/7/365 chat and up to our researchers' innovative ideas is done with the thought of our dear clients.

Dissertation writing services: Why you can trust us

As a new customer to our portal, you might need guarantees of our reliability. The main point about is that we value our clients and give priority to their issues.

We have a money-back guarantee

As one of the best thesis writing agencies, we are sure about the quality of our service. Meanwhile, we respect your right to get the money back if something goes wrong. If you find any mistakes in the paper, we check it for free. In case of serious disagreements, we make a refund. Yet this situation is highly unlikely, as we have a strong capacity to cope with any assignment.

The customer can monitor stages of implementation of the order

When the student sees ready-made parts of the paper, he/she gets evidence of our work. Our writer can send your dissertation part by part so that you do not worry about it. The team of our support agents is online 24/7/365 without days off and holidays. You are free to ask them any questions about your order.

We know what your professors expect from your thesis

Our specialists have enough competencies and skills to meet the requirements of contemporary educational institutions. In general, they boil down to:

  • personal participation of the author in obtaining the results presented in the dissertation;
  • the value of the theoretical suggestions of the thesis;
  • accuracy of the practical results, their novelty, and significance;
  • a comprehensive and complete description of the problem.

Safe and secure communication

Working with many students from various countries, we always care about our clients' private data. Thus, our Internet technologies use cookies on fair terms. With respect to the "rights reserved" principle, we do not steal any content either for theses or websites. Plagiarism is not acceptable for our employees. Using modern equipment and reliable encryption algorithms, we protect all the files. Whether you contact us via a live chat or email, do not worry about confidentiality and data security.

Honesty and bona fides matter

Over the time of work in the online business, we have understood the importance of fairness. It is not only about plagiarism-free texts, the "rights reserved" rule, or a pricing policy. We stand for honest competition, transparent terms of cooperation, and delivering perfect-quality services. When you hire our writer, you can be sure that a diligent person will implement your assignment.

We value your and our time

The academic world has its schedules and plans. If you want to be a successful student, you must follow them. Understanding the importance of time frames, our team never breaks the deadlines. We are online day and night so that you could discuss the details of your assignment in the shortest terms.

If you are going to buy a custom thesis, opt for reliable and time-tested agencies. For instance, our ten years of successful experience is good evidence of our professionalism. It enables us to create any type of academic project competently.

Thesis writers — people who make things happen

The dissertation writer is a key figure in our agency. Apparently, when talking about our "writer," we mean a team of authors responsible for implementing your assignment. We are really proud to work with people who take this writing business seriously and, thus, put all their effort and talents to come up with a shiny paper for a student.

The unique working style of our dissertation writing service:

  • our motivation consists of the responsible approach to our work, the aspiration to contribute to science development, and a sincere desire to help;
  • we base the thesis on objective facts and strong logic (new solutions are critically evaluated, well-considered, and supported by clear reasoning);
  • our writers use the personal experience of academic research (if it is relevant to the subject of your thesis);
  • we thoroughly examine the clients' instructions and the recommendations given by the academic adviser;
  • our assistants study the latest available monographs and conference materials on the subject matter of your project;
  • we pay increased attention to those pieces of academic projects that interest researchers (introduction, novelty, results, etc.);
  • our writers emphasize information on practical usage of the scientific results (practical dissertations) and focus on recommendations on how to use findings gained from research (theoretical dissertations).

What you get with our academic writing service

The main thing you should know about our portal is that you receive tangible results. Our custom writing service is not about ambiguous promises but about clear outcomes.

Our writer crafts a meaningful dissertation

The project is composed in accordance with generally accepted rules of serious academic writing:

  • novelty (theoretical and practical findings are breakthroughs in science);
  • relevance (solutions valuable for the scientific society and humankind, in general).

The thesis paper has a proper format

The written thesis is composed in accordance with the chosen type of citation style:

  • proper indents and spacing;
  • a well-composed title page;
  • illustrative materials are numbered and have captions;
  • a correctly built reference list,
  • following rules of citing, etc.

A plagiarism-free text is guaranteed

Understanding that plagiarism is the worst thing that could happen to the aspirant, our writer only provides unique theses. Since it is a matter of a successful defense and academic reputation, it deserves maximum attention. We do not want our clients to get a rejection and do our best to deliver worthy texts:

  • our writers never copy any materials and craft every single page from scratch;
  • we attach a report proving the uniqueness of the custom thesis.

Papers related to the thesis (dissertation) are available

Our writing help implies the creation of all texts concerning the dissertation or thesis. Over the time of work on your project, we gather tons of information that is enough to compose other documents:

  • articles for journals;
  • a text for your speech;
  • monographs, and many more.

We can share additional materials upon request

We save all the drafts and copies of the document, as well as links to articles used for writing your thesis. If you need them, please, contact our specialists and learn how you can get them. You are free to discuss the opportunity to receive additional materials from our writer. Importantly, we do not reuse this information for other orders as we respect the intellectual property (in this case, it belongs to the customer).

Our approach to the custom thesis writing service

The understanding of thesis peculiarities determines the high quality of our writing help. We realize all the seriousness of this academic paper. Rest assured, the dissertation by our writers meets the following requirements:

  • demonstration of individual research work;
  • establishment of new valuable theoretical considerations;
  • a well-considered description of the scientific problem;
  • evidence-based (technological or economic) suggestions contributing to global science progress.

The customer who has ordered a dissertation, a thesis, or any other type of treatise on our portal, always gets a positive review from the professor.

Here is an excerpt from the critique of one of our academic papers.

"...The author can interpret various theories and concepts, reflect upon the materials. He demonstrates a high level of knowledge of terminology and the topic, in general. In his work, he successfully applies research techniques and scientific methods..."

Your benefits from using our writing help

Having ordered our custom thesis writing, you change your life for the better. You get freedom for the next eighteen months. It is an average period necessary to complete a dissertation, and our writer will definitely cope with it much faster.

Our professional thesis service saves your time

Imagine that you get a quiet life without tedious research, endless writing, monotonous calculating, boring editing, and other stuff related to dissertation and thesis writing. You are free to do what you really like and what warms your heart. Sounds awesome, and it can become real if you hire our writer.

Our writers give you confidence that your thesis project is perfect

You do not have to worry about plagiarism, citation rules, innovativeness, support of evidence, etc. Our writer considers all these moments and other nuances. So, do not be nervous; self-assurance, in a good sense, is great for your dissertation defense.

You increase the level of knowledge in your sphere

A brilliantly written dissertation is not the only result you receive from our custom writing agency. Having read our well-researched treatise, you learn about new patterns, laws, and facts in your professional field, thus broadening your mind.

Answers to FAQ on our custom dissertations writing

1) How to order your custom thesis writing service?

We want you to feel safe when cooperating with our professional agency. For this reason, we have established a reliable and user-friendly online system of communication with the customer.

1. Register on our thesis writing service

It is very convenient to have access to the personal cabinet, as we can exchange files and messages in it.

2. Determine what writing service you need

The Order Form has helpful hints so that you can choose the type of writing help or related assistance (editing, proofreading, revision, rewriting), the due time, the topic, and other details.

If something is unclear and you do not know how to place an order, please, contact our 24/7/365 support agents. Together we can discuss all the nuances of our work.

3. Make payment

The price for our thesis writing service is affordable for most of the students. It is always a modest fair sum of money you pay to get a brilliantly written thesis. In addition, we offer big discounts for such long projects as a thesis. So the price per page is very attractive.

4. Monitor intermediate results

Since a thesis paper takes much time, we offer an opportunity to see its interim versions and separate chapters. Students have the right to get parts of the dissertation as and when they are ready.

5. Get your shiny paper

Rest assured, we send your thesis before the due date. We understand that students always need some extra time, just in case of trouble. That is the reason why our writer strives to make your assignment in the shortest terms.

2) When to choose your custom dissertation writing service?

You might have a hundred reasons to opt for our agency. And you will never regret your decision to hire our writer:

  • you want to focus on practical work rather than to type those one hundred pages or even more;
  • writing academic papers is not your cup of tea;
  • you lack time to complete the paper;
  • you do not have an inner desire to write the thesis, and you only need to complete this project in order to get the degree;
  • the dissertation is a matter of the whole life for you, and you do not want to risk it;
  • you have writer's block and cannot compose any new ideas on your subject matter;
  • it is difficult for you to find and analyze the information on the topic of the thesis.

3) What factors influence the price of the paper?

Our custom thesis writing agency has a student-friendly pricing policy. We run an honest business in the sphere of dissertation writing services. This principle is reflected in the prices we set on our services. We believe that an opportunity to help a student and contribute to the development of science matters more than all those million dollars profits.

The topic of the paper

If the theme for the thesis is well-known and the customer attaches individual research materials, the price is lower than the cost for poorly known themes. In the last case, apart from the writer, a researcher can search for data on your subject matter.

The deadline

The writing process of the thesis can last for several months. It takes more than one year for a student to cope with this project. Our professional thesis writers can cope with this assignment much faster due to rich experience, wide knowledge, and outstanding research skills.

Besides, we can divide your thesis between several writers so that you could get it in the shortest terms. It is up to you whether to hire one writer or a group of specialists.

The academic level

Depending on the country and the customer's educational institution, "thesis" and "dissertation" can be interchangeable or different concepts. Yet, they both mean the document that is written to get a certain academic degree. The price for the Master's thesis is lower than the cost of a Doctoral dissertation. Good news ㅡ we offer some pages of big projects for free and regularly give bonuses and discounts.

The requirements for dissertations and theses change over time. It is mainly about the list of recommended topics of research, nuances of formatting, the number of pages, etc. Meantime, the core principles remain the same. Our writers are aware of all of them, and they are ready to apply their talents and experiences to your projects. Let's start our cooperation today ㅡ discuss the details of your future terrific dissertation on the chat!