20+ Funniest Mistakes In Essays | Humor


Hilarious errors: fix or leave for laughs?Our company works with a huge number of students’ papers.  For more than ten years, we have collected a long list of hilarious writing mistakes.  Now it is time to share it with you. The purpose of this post is just to amuse readers but not to deride anyone. It would be nice if you laugh together with us and make proper conclusions. We want to show that even a tiny sign can change the whole meaning of the phrase. Therefore, ...Continue reading

Professional essay writers online: story of one author


Have you ever thought about the personality of a writer or an editor, who helps you with college issues? Today you have an excellent opportunity to learn more about one of our employees. Daniel is our competent author – he is an expert in English Literature and Psychology.  Check out his story of success, satisfy your curiosity concerning a professional, who deals with your school and university assignments. Custom-Paper-Writing.com decided to reveal an image of this guy in order to ...Continue reading

Writing Essay


Writing Essay In most cases the essay topics are assigned. However, it is your responsibility to create a title that points our the clear direction of your essay.  Begin writing essay with analyzing the topic. You should understand that every aspect of the essay outline needs to be covered thoroughly throughout the essay. So, in-depth analysis helps you to understand what the essay should contain and helps you to decide on essay format. Your task isn't to include general information, you Continue reading

Writing Comparison and Contrast Essays


Writing Comparison and Contrast Essays Among different kinds of essays you have to write at school, comparison and contrast essays are perhaps the most interesting ones. Writing comparison and contrast essays develops your analytical skills, you can improve your ability to compare and make conclusions. Well, if you are not sure how to write a comparison and contrast essay, you are reading the right article. Starting your comparison and contrast essayTo make a good start of your comparison and Continue reading

Writing an Essay


Writing an Essay Ability to take analytical approach in non-standard situations is one of the core competencies a recent graduate has to possess. For this reason, a lot of attention is paid to the organization of independent creative work of students, to the development of analytical thinking skills, supported by credible evidence and expert opinion. The quality of any essay, such as term paper, depends on three components: The quality of the source materials (the notes of the Continue reading

World Hunger Essay


World hunger essay An estimated 24000 people die from hunger so a world hunger essay should start by pointing out that hunger is an important issue in third world countries. A global problem A good way to start a world hunger essay is to give a bird’s eye view on the issue of hunger by referring to hunger statistics the world over. It makes sense to start a world hunger essay with statistics from countries that are most vulnerable to food shortages. One of the greatest anti-hunger Continue reading

School English Essay


School English Essay: Choosing Custom Writing Service As a rule, students do not like writing school English essay, especially those, who were not born in English speaking country. This fact is simple to interpret, as while you are writing your school English essays, you have to care at least, about several things at one and the same time. The first one is the sense and content of your school English essay itself. As any other kind of essay, it should be interesting, creative, informative, Continue reading

Persuasive Essay Topics


Persuasive Essay Topics The purpose of persuasive essay writing is to persuade the reader to accept an idea or agree with an opinion. While writing an essay, you should strive to convince the reader that your point of view is a reasonable one. The persuasive essay should be written in a style that grabs and holds the reader's attention.  In addition, your opinion should be supported with details and evidence from secondary sources. Persuasive writing involves persuading the reader to perform Continue reading

Personal Essay


Personal Essay Writing a personal essay you should remember about its purpose. The purpose of personal essay writing is to express your personal opinion about  an issue, problem, situation, etc. Writing an essay remember about the audience.  Do not write for a teacher!  When you read your own personal essay, you should understand yourself and your ideas.  It is also recommended to ask a friend or a relative to read your personal essay aloud.  Thus, you will notice the mistakes and Continue reading

Narrative Essay


Narrative Essay Unlike other types of essays, narrative essay gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your thoughts.  While writing an essay, you have to explain how your experiences have helped you in life. Everybody has had significant experience that helped us to understand something about ourselves, others or the world in a whole. Narrative essay writing gives you a chance to inform the reader about these experiences, your thoughts and ideas.  While writing narrative essay, you Continue reading