20+ Funniest Mistakes In Essays | Humor


Hilarious errors: fix or leave for laughs?Our company works with a huge number of students’ papers.  For more than ten years, we have collected a long list of hilarious writing mistakes.  Now it is time to share it with you. The purpose of this post is just to amuse readers but not to deride anyone. It would be nice if you laugh together with us and make proper conclusions. We want to show that even a tiny sign can change the whole meaning of the phrase. Therefore, ...Continue reading

Professional essay writers online: story of one author


Have you ever thought about the personality of a writer or an editor, who helps you with college issues? Today you have an excellent opportunity to learn more about one of our employees. Daniel is our competent author – he is an expert in English Literature and Psychology.  Check out his story of success, satisfy your curiosity concerning a professional, who deals with your school and university assignments. Custom-Paper-Writing.com decided to reveal an image of this guy in order to ...Continue reading

Informative and Surprising Essay


Informative and Surprising Essay: Writing One While you are writing informative and surprising essay you have to inform and surprise readers at one and the same time. Well, it is rather simple to understand it with the help of the title of the essay; however, it is not simple to understand what to write in such a kind of essay. We will try to explain you what you have to write your informative and surprising essay about with the help of the example. You see, in order to write a good Continue reading

Essay Writing


Essay Writing Essay is one of the composition types in which you should present your ideas on certain topics. In other words, the essay must be well structured, well organized and presented in understandable way. It must have a clear readable interesting style. But, above all, it must consist of your ideas about the given topic, this is the center of any essay. There are many type of essays: narrative essay, compare and contrast essay, five paragraph essay etc. The first task is to collect Continue reading

My Dissertation


My Dissertation I do not remember myself being as happy as I was yesterday, when I finally received my diploma. My dissertation dealt with automobile pollution. I have always been interested in ecology. The city where I live is badly polluted, and it gets worse year after year. The reason is that there are two plants and some coal mines here, and, of course, the cars are uncountable! I have always been concerned about the ecological situation in my town, as it hurts to see how my beloved city Continue reading

Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation Proposal WritingMany students consider creating a dissertation proposal the most difficult part of dissertation writing. Indeed, students are assigned to create a project of their own, but not many of them had an experience of developing a research with a guidance of a faculty member. To create a proposal you should understand the issue, find, read and analyze the relevant literature. It is important to develop your own standpoint about the problem and present it to the reader. A Continue reading

Term Paper Format


Term Paper Format There are many different types of terms papers and every tutor has his own formats and conventions. In your field of study, you will need to find out exactly what the accepted term paper conventions are. Note that these conventions may vary from one subject to the next. While writing a term paper, you will have to use different sources. If you do a good job with your research now, you may not have to do extra research later. Choose an original and interesting topic for term Continue reading

Non-Plagiarized Term Papers


Non Plagiarized Term Papers – Secure Yourself! Non plagiarized term papers are the sign of our professional writing qualities. It is known fact that the practice of plagiarism is inaccessible in education and writing business. Therefore, our company pays serious attention to this aspect in order to provide only unique and exclusive non plagiarized term papers to our customers. Non Plagiarized Term Papers: The Essence Non plagiarized term papers are regarded as the high-quality and Continue reading

Need Help Writing a Paper


If You Need Help Writing a Paper If still you do not know how to cope with your argumentative essay, or your term paper does not give you any chance to feel relaxed that means that you definitely need help writing a paper. Paper writing help is your way to success and confidence in your future excellent grade. When you try to write a paper by yourself, you always think that you have chosen the incorrect word, or the style of writing is not the proper one, or the content is far from the topic Continue reading

Writing a Research Paper


Writing a Research Paper  Research paper is a long essay which should include results of conducted research, discussion section, and conclusions.  Research paper writing is a part of university education. If you do not know how to write a research paper, how to conduct a research, what style to use, you should think about your audience, their knowledge, needs and wants.  While writing a research paper, you should organize research paper ideas, collect relevant information, analyze gathered Continue reading