Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation Proposal Writing

Many students consider creating a dissertation proposal the most difficult part of dissertation writing. Indeed, students are assigned to create a project of their own, but not many of them had an experience of developing a research with a guidance of a faculty member. To create a proposal you should understand the issue, find, read and analyze the relevant literature. It is important to develop your own standpoint about the problem and present it to the reader. A dissertation proposal is a part of your formal application, and your obtaining a research degree may depend on it.

Creating a proposal is the very beginning of your work, so try to do your best while developing it. A standard dissertation proposal consists of the following parts.

Dissertation Proposal Parts

  • Topic and title. As you know, the choice of topic is very important. Your topic should be original and innovative. Do not try to cover a big issue in your dissertation, remember that the narrower your topic will be the better. Before you take the final decision on your topic, consult your supervisor. As for the title, it may change in the process of work.
  • Research question. It should be a key question, which will demonstrate the nature of your research. If you fail to ask this question properly, you will not be able to conduct the research and arrive to meaningful conclusion of your dissertation.
  • Preliminary literature review. This review is a kind of essay, which should be relevant to your topic. It is a small version of your literature review that will be found in your dissertation, and it should comprise a starting point for your further development.
  • Proposed methodology. In this part present your idea of in what way you are going to collect the evidence for your dissertation, how you are planning to analyze it. Usually it is the easiest part of a dissertation proposal, and it is not very difficult to write it as methods follow from the topic and the research question.
  • Provisional schedule. Create a plan of your future work, including the interim deadlines, tied to the calendar.

Final Tip on Dissertation Proposal

To make sure that your dissertation proposal meets the general requirements, try to look through a dissertation proposal sample. You may ask your friends for a dissertation proposal sample or find it in the web. If you like the topic of your dissertation, proposal will become a very interesting piece of writing.

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