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Have you ever thought about the personality of a writer or an editor, who helps you with college issues? Today you have an excellent opportunity to learn more about one of our employees. Daniel is our competent author – he is an expert in English Literature and Psychology.  Check out his story of success, satisfy your curiosity concerning a professional, who deals with your school and university assignments. decided to reveal an image of this guy in order to show a high level of our agency. An informal talk seems to be an optimal way to express this information. Check out an interview with one of the best representatives of our experienced writing company.

A path to professional college paper writing services - how it all started?

What was the reason for your decision to become an essay writer?

I had crucial difficulties with choosing my future profession. I was good at many disciplines at school and university: English Language, Mathematics, History, Physics, etc. This fact complicated my decision concerning my calling. I was confused by a variety of jobs: an engineer, a journalist, an economist, a teacher… Volunteering activity was also among my spheres of interest. I taught teenagers in Kenya. This helpful experience formed my opinion concerning modern children and adolescents. American and African students are different. Everyone has his/her priorities, goals, and lifestyles. Someone studies to get a prestigious education and find an influential job in the future. The other one needs to get a Bachelor’s degree to improve the current political and economic situation in the country. For instance, one of our pupils was looking for ways to fight global hunger

I strongly believe that everyone has a right to get an education at the university. Contemporary democratic processes make this phenomenon real. Nevertheless, some college standards are too strict. I could not get this thought off my mind. This is how I decided to become a student assistant. I do not only make writing tasks in the frames of online services but try to inspire people to develop knowledge and intellectual skills.  Communicating with guys who have severe life situations I admire their strong will and wish to continue studying. On my part, I always encourage everyone not to give up and strive to broaden minds and horizons.

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We saw your statistic report. It looks like you have a never-fading source of inspiration. What is your secret?

The first thing about my productivity and creative energy is that I read a lot. Of course, I study scientific and research literature. These books give me substantive knowledge concerning different fields of expertise. Rich vocabulary and fresh ideas are peasant bonuses of this process. Entertaining blogs on the Internet, thematic forums, and social media illustrate a situation in the modern world of progressive youth.  Thus, I always stay on top of the latest events. I am inspired by the enthusiasm of young people.

Who are your favorite writers (except you)?

Cool joke! In fact, I do not consider myself to be a great writer. Especially, in the light of such glorious authors as George Orwell, Eley Williams, Ocean Vuong, Naomi Booth, etc. And I still have room for growth. I am fond of different types of literature: fiction, politics, poems, etc.  My mood, job tasks, and ambitions dictate the choice of the book for today.

What do you think about the Internet? Is it a necessity or nonsense for a writer?

If one uses online services wisely, he/she gets a lot of undeniable benefits. There is no need to ignore modern technologies. The point is to take advantages of contemporary accomplishments and avoid their negative impact. Personally, I use the Internet and applications as additional instruments for my study and work. However, I never rely entirely on them. I appreciate the fast speed of search and numerous sources of information. Some programs simplify a checking and formatting process. Yet, the Internet cannot shift the human mind and common sense.

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What is your attitude to modern expert essay writers help in the USA?

One can be puzzled by the variety of online student assistance today.  You can easily find writing services for all tastes. Agencies promise to write short school essays, translate your text into any language, prepare literature critique, and even compose the whole Master’s dissertation. Still, it is difficult to find a suitable website. Bad faith, deception, lack of competence do occur. Unfortunately, students often become victims of such fraudsters. Especially when it deals with low prices. Note that our agency has an impeccable reputation. Creators of our custom paper writing service tried their best to win the respect of students all over the world.

What recommendations concerning writing services would you give to our clients?

Choosing a student help website pay attention to obvious factors of its reliability:

1) reputation,

2) a range of services,

3) a price,

4) working hours,

5) terms of writing,

6) response speed.

Look for a long-term partnership. Thus, you will get a virtual assistant for the whole academic year. Let your decision be wise and well-considered.

What do your close people think about your profession?

To be honest, my relatives and friends call me “a lifelong student.” They rightly believe that I cannot stop studying. However, I see nothing wrong in this nickname. On the contrary, I am proud to keep learning something new as well as share my knowledge with students.

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US custom essay writing service – what place does it take in your life?

An essay is more than just a text for me. It is a deep reflection of my experience, knowledge, and feelings It is my calling and my choice to make this world better. I am happy that I never betrayed my dream. I realize that the job of a writer is difficult and responsible. At the same time, it makes me feel needed.

Can you dispel any myths about your profession?

Writing is not so romantic and easy as you might think. Do not imagine a smiling author lying on a chaise lounge with a laptop. The truth is more severe. Kilometers of texts one must read, strict deadlines, urgent tasks, tense brainwork, a lot of typing — these are the main elements of the writer’s chore.

Tim Lott even compared writing with a horror film. If only texts could speak, they would tell a lot about difficulties concerning the writing process. Sometimes an author faces complicated stages of his/her art. Watching an electronic version of the text, one could hardly feel all the tears of desperation or hear the crunching of the pencil in the moments of creative stagnation. However, I realize that my efforts are not in vain. A decent paper makes me proud and happy.

What does the profession of a writer mean for you?

The writer is a deep concept for me. Firstly, it implies a thinker, who is always in a state of an intellectual search. What is more important is that he/she involves readers in this process. Thus, I always try to provoke discussions and disputes with the help of my texts. Writing is not about rephrasing someone’s thoughts only but also about creating new ideas.

Is professionalism an essential feature for an essay writer?

The Internet is full of offers: “how to become an expert writer in 20 days,” “marathon for beginners – one week and you are a mature author,” “pump up your skills in one week,” etc. A concept of professionalism has blurring borders. Especially when we consider such a creative person as a columnist or a poet. Still, talking about writing, we should mention experience first. It is impossible to become a good specialist in a short period of time. This idea is not only about an amount of knowledge and a number of gained skills only. The thing is that a person gets life experience: feelings, emotions, thoughts, behavior schemes… All these aspects form a unique individuality, who is able to write texts on a professional level. I would add hard work too. Constant learning, diligence, and practice sharpen mastery. I entirely agree with a talented author Richard Bach. He supposed that if an amateur writer does not give up, he/she becomes a professional.

“Write my essays for a cheap price”– how often do you read such requests?

It is evident that people often try to find lower prices. This rule is particularly true for students, who do not have a stable financial position. So, yes I get such messages from time to time. Meanwhile, “cheap” is a relative concept. Everyone understands it in his/her own way. One dollar, five dollars, or twenty dollars per page… As for me, I strive to achieve an optimal balance between price and excellence. It happens that a low cost lets some specialists provide poor-quality results. The worst thing is that you often pay for nothing. What is the point to transfer even a small amount of money for “F” grade text? I guess that it is better to write a good paper for an affordable price. Reputable agencies guarantee a high level of assistance. To prove the seriousness of their approach, they even offer money-back options. Thus, you always know exactly, what you have spent money for. In addition, you can always count on editing services. It is a helpful option in case if your teacher or professor has some notes on your paper.

What do you consider to be the mission of a writer?

A good writer can be called an artist, whose purpose is to create surroundings for humankind. It deals with culture and civilization.

What would you like to wish our dear clients?

The 21st century opens numerous opportunities for self-development and personal growth. There is so much helpful information on the Internet and in other open available sources. High-tech equipment and fast channels of communication make a studying process convenient and pleasant. Do not neglect all these aspects and try your best to get knowledge and skills. Your personal growth will contribute to scientific and technological progress. Isn’t it awesome?

If you have any questions concerning our custom paper writing services, contact a support team. Our customer managers work 24/7 for your convenience.

We are happy to see Daniel among our specialists. He is a decent representative of our agency. Rest assured that your papers are professionally written by real experts. In comparison with many other companies, we do not work with unproven freelancers. The stories like this one are proof of our serious approach towards our line of work.

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