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Hilarious errors: fix or leave for laughs?

Our company works with a huge number of students’ papers.  For more than ten years, we have collected a long list of hilarious writing mistakes.  Now it is time to share it with you. The purpose of this post is just to amuse readers but not to deride anyone. It would be nice if you laugh together with us and make proper conclusions. We want to show that even a tiny sign can change the whole meaning of the phrase. Therefore, attention and literacy are crucial concepts for the modern learner. Obviously, foreign pupils suffer from typos more than anyone else does. If you are one of them, order editing or writing services on Custom-Paper-Writing.com. We will polish your text by eliminating all possible errors. Thus, your inaccuracy will never become a reason for jokes or misunderstandings.

Even a small mistake in your essay makes a difference

Words have power. Meanwhile, every letter and punctuation mark matter, as they convey the whole sense of the phrase.  When something is wrong with grammar or syntax, misconceptions and farce arise.

1. I prefer to use massages for communication.

It is a good idea for the first date to impress a girlfriend. Not sure that this way will come in handy for a conversation with your principal.

2. Constant wars resulted in a bed economic situation.

Hmmm, maybe, everyone got tired and went to sleep.

3. I spend my free time cooking pets and sports.

A truthful statement from a cruel person. We are obliged to inform Greenpeace.

It reminded us of one more joke.

- Do you like cats?

- No.

- You probably do not know how to cook them.”

We don’t have anything against animals, it’s all about humor only.

While writing essays https://custom-paper-writing.com/blog/college-essay students often make typos. Some of them can cost them a good rating.

4. This task was two easy.

No comments. You need a more complicated assignment to boost your grammar skills.

5. The doctor recommended taking peels.

This one can be even dangerous. It depends on the type of peel. Which one do you prefer banana or orange?

6. All stuff are invited to attend a conference.   

One can expect to see a hall full of inanimate objects at this meeting. Invasion of junk sounds creepy.

7. April ham Lincoln was the 16th president of the USA…

This political leader would be surprised to hear his new name. We don’t think he would be happy even if he liked spring and bacon.

8. The most important meetings are held in our bored room.

We understand that all those conferences are not interesting. They often make you yawn and even fall asleep. Ok, probably this phrase is not suitable for our list.

9. Dropping out of the university: thing to do before living.

The title of the essay is inspiring. It looks like someone starts a new life after this crucial step.

10. He stood out among pears.

This phrase could be appropriate for Little Onion from the Italian tale by Gianni Rodari. Cipollino was one of the bravest heroes in the world of fruits and vegetables.

11. I have to write this admission to get into a dream collage.

For this purpose, you need, first, a picture. Only after that, we’ll make a photomontage.

12. I am grateful for your patients.

You must be an intern thanking for new clients.

13. A mouse is my favorite French food.

Did you mean Indian food? We heard about those tribes near the Himalayas, who like to eat rat meat.

14. The Human Brian: Opportunities & Challenges 

It is commendable that you devote the entire report to a guy named Brian. Hope, he deserves it more than a central organ of a nervous system.

Even professional authors https://custom-paper-writing.com/blog/professional-essay-writers-online-story-of-one-author make typos sometimes. Yet they know how to detect and correct them.

15. Financial Advice On How To Bye Oil

Hmmm, a promising title. The author is probably going to explain how to get rid of black gold at all.

16. I need to retype this shit.

You can hate your college assignment. But we want more details. What exactly do you need to rewrite?

17. One can make money fast at sock exchange.

Yes, we all know that these parts of clothes often get lost. Yet, a decision to swap them does not seem smart. Let alone a recommendation to do business.

18. He wished her sweat dreams.

He must have wanted her to do sports while sleeping.

19. Three types of pandas exit in nature nowadays.

It stays unclear, where these animals find a way out.

20. Vulnerable groups include disabled elderly malnourished pregnant children.

It is precisely the kind of case when commas matter. The combination of all these characteristics is really frightening. Nobody would like to face this being. Interestingly, wrong punctuation can even cost corporations a lot.

21. I got a lower rating because of the wrong coma.

You must have been studied at a creepy institution. And the lesson was about imitating coma-like state.

22. I like my tutor, witch teaches Chemistry.

Your practical experiments probably include magic.Something like cooking potion or riding brooms.

Humor is the less painful reaction on your errors. The misunderstanding caused by mistakes can play serious tricks too. That is why you have to prevent such situations. Advanced technologies can come in handy for this purpose. For instance, Google has already learned to correct typos in the search bar. Yet, it is not the reason to bail on literacy. Do not rely on artificial intelligence too much when it comes to grammar. For instance, T9 often changes your messages and other texts incorrectly. These automatic processes are still not perfect enough. Attention, intelligence, and our website are your most trustworthy assistants in this case.

Hope, you will never make such mistakes. So, we will not see them on such post as this one. Or what’s worst, on banners, billboards, or tattoos. And if you are not sure about your skills, you can always turn to our professional writing agency.

P.S. This post is published with the agreement of our clients. They do not mind sharing their hilarious experience.

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