Essay Writing


Essay Writing

Essay is one of the composition types in which you should present your ideas on certain topics. In other words, the essay must be well structured, well organized and presented in understandable way. It must have a clear readable interesting style. But, above all, it must consist of your ideas about the given topic, this is the center of any essay. There are many type of essays: narrative essay, compare and contrast essay, five paragraph essay etc. The first task is to collect information. The material can be taken both form primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are literary texts, the texts you work on. Secondary sources are works of criticism. You can't possibly read too many texts and articles but the more literary texts you read and the more information you have. The key to your essay is the number and quality of your ideas about literary texts. The main aim is to present your point of view.

Writing an Essay

Your thesis is the main essay point, which consists of one sentence at the end of the introductory paragraph of English essay. This sentence lets the reader know where you are going and why. It's practically impossible to write a good essay without a clear thesis. Before writing an essay make an outline. It helps you to organize all of your ideas. Write at least one sentence to describe paragraph. Now it is time to write essay. A format of academic English essay requires introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and conclusion. Introduction should draw reader's attention, set your main ideas and presentation of your ideas, the main point of the essay. Body paragraph should have at least three to five paragraphs. The first sentence of each paragraph should somehow be linked to, or contrast with, the last sentence of the previous paragraph. You should present a new idea in each paragraph and provide supporting argumentation. All of the major points in your argument need to be supported by specific evidence. Compile a list of brief quotations from other sources along with page references which will be presented as your evidence. Speak to your reader as if he or she are sitting in front of you. In other words, instead of writing an essay, try talking an essay. Conclusion is a brief summary of all points which were presented in the body paragraph. Your are not advised to present new ideas in the conclusion. Conclusion is a last paragraph where you can summarize all your ides.

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