Term Paper Format


Term Paper Format

There are many different types of terms papers and every tutor has his own formats and conventions. In your field of study, you will need to find out exactly what the accepted term paper conventions are. Note that these conventions may vary from one subject to the next. While writing a term paper, you will have to use different sources. If you do a good job with your research now, you may not have to do extra research later. Choose an original and interesting topic for term paper writing. Remember, if two term papers will have the same topic, be sure these two papers will be compared and examined very closely. While writing a term paper, choose the most direct way to express your point. Using too many words can be a greater problem than using the wrong word.

Term Paper Format Tips

Before writing a term paper, you probably will be assigned to use one of the term paper styles. You may be assigned either APA or MLA style term paper. While writing a term paper, examine the assigned style. Be sure that teacher will take into account your proper use of format.

  • The term paper should have a title in the center of the first page.
  • Pagination should start with the second page.
  • Introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion are the essential part of the term paper writing.
  • Use transitional sentences between the paragraphs
  • You must not use first person 'I' or 'we' or second person 'you' unless allowed by your teacher.
  • Remember that term papers are written in a formal style. This does not mean that they have to contain long and difficult words, but rather that they do not contain contractions e.g: isn't, won't etc.
  • Use Time New Roman or Arial font, 12 point, double-spaced format.
  • Term paper topics mustn't have such words as 'how to'.
  • The term paper should have at least 5 cited sources.
  • If you paraphrase some information make sure that paraphrase has the same meaning as conveyed by the author.
  • Change not only the sentence structure, but also the words.
  • Give a reference to the author whom you are paraphrasing with both an in-text and reference page citation.
  • If it is necessary, use integrating verbs.
  • Be sure that your sentences sound natural.
  • Paraphrase at least 70% of the time and don't forget to use scientific writing style.
  • Cheek the term paper carefully for mistakes, it shouldn't have handwritten corrections.

Custom Written Term Papers

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