My Dissertation


My Dissertation I do not remember myself being as happy as I was yesterday, when I finally received my diploma. My dissertation dealt with automobile pollution. I have always been interested in ecology. The city where I live is badly polluted, and it gets worse year after year. The reason is that there are two plants and some coal mines here, and, of course, the cars are uncountable! I have always been concerned about the ecological situation in my town, as it hurts to see how my beloved city Continue reading

Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation Proposal WritingMany students consider creating a dissertation proposal the most difficult part of dissertation writing. Indeed, students are assigned to create a project of their own, but not many of them had an experience of developing a research with a guidance of a faculty member. To create a proposal you should understand the issue, find, read and analyze the relevant literature. It is important to develop your own standpoint about the problem and present it to the reader. A Continue reading