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Free Essay Samples

Why to rely on free essay samples? Everyday, thousands of students throughout the country look for free essay samples with the hope to ease their efforts in essay writing assignments. It is a widespread belief that free essay samples may relieve you of the need to write your essays. Nevertheless, such thinking is wrong because free essays online have several disadvantages, namely:

  1. Free essay samples are easily detected by teachers
  2. Free essay samples do not meet your topic requirements
  3. Free essay samples are accessible online
  4. Free essay samples have no reference list
  5. Free essay samples are poorly written

Thus, if you are not ready to risk your academic performance and do not want to become a lazy person in the eyes of your teacher, you need to write your own essay rather than copy sample essay or example essay. If you do not have enough time or desire to write your own essays, you should rely on professional custom paper writing service. Our writers will assist you with every aspect of essay writing and deliver a custom written essay prior to the deadline. Do not disappoint your teacher! You may review descriptive essay sample and global warming essay sample in our free academic blog written by professional writers!

Free Essay Samples (Excerpt)

A considerable proportion of well-educated couples of the middle class prefer to have complete equality in money matters. A joint checking account is maintained, with each partner having free access to it after the regular, more or less fixed, monthly charges (such as rent, insurance, and savings) have been met. Such a system manifestly calls for complete mutual confidence, and if the income is moderate it calls for self-restraint as well. If either husband or wife is a spendthrift, the method fails; but if both are competent in the handling of money, have a healthy sales resistance, and are considerate of each other needs, this plan of handling the family purse is perhaps the most satisfying of all. It involves no galling even though tacit insinuation of superiority and inferiority, whether on grounds of honesty or competency. And if neither person draws a large check when the account is low without asking the other whether he is likely to have heavy or unusual expense before the end of the month, there is little danger of one being "caught short" because of the other. There is a strong intimation that the husband will spend money wisely and the wife may not, but this assumption is unfair and unsound. Many wives are better managers than their husbands, and frequently the rent would not be paid if the husband did not turn over his wages to his wife. In many ways, women are more careful spenders than men; but given the same training and responsibility, there is no reason why either sex should excel the other in this matter...

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