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Practically, the whole geography coursework writingis based on argumentation. Arguments which we put for or against coursework thesis statement partly depend for their credibility on the value or significance of the evidence you integrate. To know how significant evidence is, you need a very thorough grasp of the context in which it is presented. Geography coursework writing starts with examination of the topic; this is why you should take so much trouble to establish a context for your coursework at the beginning of writing process. There are, however, two ways in which you should establish the context. One is obviously within a coursework paragraph:  the meaning of words should be clear; the coursework paragraph must contain related ideas and it becomes the context for your main points. The other is the context of your primary or secondary sources used for college coursework writing. A simple example is if we cited the work of a researcher (we will call her Wilkinson) and referenced it as follows: (Wilkinson 1989). If we refer to Wilkinson, we are also referring to the context in which her work took place. In other words, we bring a whole package of questionable issues about reliability, relevance and validity of evidence with each reference we use in the process of writing a coursework: https://custom-paper-writing.com/blog/custom-coursework.

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Clearly, we cannot question everything forever, but coursework arguments nevertheless depend on the relevance and significance of their supporting evidence. It is determined with the help of asking questions about the reliability of the original coursework context as well as with the analysis of the context appropriateness in which we decide to use the gathered evidence. Did Wilkinson use a valid research method? Were there questionnaires mentioned? If so, what percentage was returned? What were the biases in the questions asked or answers given? Most importantly, does Wilkinson's work really support or deny the point you are trying to make? Who else has produced evidence which conflicts with Wilkinson's research or arguments?

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