How to Make a Reaction Paper


How to Make a Reaction Paper Well-Structured and Interesting

How to make a reaction paper? It is the first question that appears in a student’s mind when he or she gets such a task. It is quite obvious why it is so! Although a reaction paper is not a large academic paper (it should be no larger than 5 pages), its writing takes some time. It is not just expressing of a student’s thoughts about something he or she has read or seen. It should be a well-structured, clear paper that fulfills all the requirements of a certain format.

So, how to make a reaction paper in such a way that it will be a really good academic paper?

The tips given in this article will help you cope with such a task!

How to make a reaction paper well-structured?

You should keep in mind that any reaction paper should consist of 3 main constituent parts: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. These parts should be interrelated. Each of them should contain certain information.

The main aim of the introduction is to introduce a topic of your reaction paper. So, in this part you should state what you are discussing. You should mention, first of all, what your paper is based on:

  1. the title of a book (an article, a research paper or some other reading) or a movie;
  2. the name of the author (the writer, the scientist) or the director;
  3. the publication data or the place of the shooting (of a movie).

Highlight the main points of the work: what it is about, what problems it touches upon. A thesis statement of your reaction paper should also be stated in the introduction.

  • The main body should consist of several paragraphs each of that support your thesis statement. Here you discuss the issue concerned, express your attitude to the author’s opinion (you may agree or disagree with his or her viewpoint or you may even add something).
  • The conclusion should summarize your reaction paper: restate your ideas or express your overall impression about the work.

How to make a reaction paper interesting?

You should understand that your reaction paper should not only be well-organized but interesting as well. So, how to make a reaction paper interesting?

  • Use various examples concerning the issue. They may be from your personal experience.
  • Use different quotations from the work. They can not only prove your opinion but also make the problem more clear for the audience.

So, this information will help you answer the question “how to make a reaction paper really good?”

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