Jane Eyre Essay


Jane Eyre Essay

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Jane Eyre Essay Sample

'Shirley' failed to please Lewes, who was expecting another 'Pride and Prejudice.' To his flippant criticism Charlotte Bronte replied cavalierly, and became herself once more. 'Villette' has never been quite so popular as 'Jane Eyre,' for its scenes are not English, and to the critic its mechanism is crude and amateurish. Its main situation is a reproduction of that in 'Jane Eyre,' with a new setting and new incidents. The obstacle that kept Jane Eyre and Rochester apart was difference in social position; that between Lucy Snowe and Paul Emanuel is religion. In 'Jane Eyre,' society was viewed from the standpoint of a governess; in 'Villette,' as it appears to a school-teacher who has some difficulty in managing her pupils. In her first novel Charlotte Bronte's style was wildly, glowingly Celtic; in 'Shirley' it was rhetorical; in

'Villette' it is more subdued in tone, and rendered more intense and compact by brief and forcible metaphor. This change in style has its correlative in deeper and more intense feeling. The defiance of 'Jane Eyre' has exhausted itself and settled into despair. States of mind are now subtly analyzed that verge upon madness. The debits and the credits in the account of life are reckoned up, and the books will not balance, for there is so little to be set over

against pain and grief.

We have in Charlotte Bronte a realist of the feelings, trailing, however, the bright colors of romanticism. Her descriptions of the outside of things, of men and manners, we have not much dwelt upon, for the reason that they proceeded so often from prejudice and incomplete knowledge. Roman Catholics and Methodists, the patrons of boarding-schools, and English and French girls, we cannot believe were as she saw them. At any rate, her significance in the

course of fiction is that she delineated the intense moods of her own heart and imagination, which have their rapport in the moods of the race. In 'Jane Eyre' and 'Villette,' photography of manners has passed into that inner photography which Trollope lamented as an art beyond his power of vision. The next epoch-making step in internal realism was taken by George Eliot, when she dealt with states of conscience and feeling psychologically, arranging and defining them with an attempt at scientific precision.

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