Malayalam Essays


Malayalam Essays

A Malayalam essay can be written in Malayalam or in English-about Kerala. The length should normally cover one thousand five hundred words. Malayalam essays can be written around topics such as Kerala’s history or political and economy issues.

The rich cultural heritage as well as topography of Kerala which is a state in southern India-gives plenty of scope for writing a first class essay. Malayalam essays can focus on topics such as:

  • Marginalized communities
  • The growth of communism
  • Malayalam films
  • Classical dance forms like the Kathakalli
  • Malayalam literature

The history

A good introduction to Malayalam essays can examine how Kerala was formed on the first of November 1956 to unite all the areas that predominantly spoke in the Malayalam language. Kerala covers thirty eight thousand square kilometers and is flanked by the Arabian Sea, Tamilnadu and Karanataka. Its major cities include Cochin and Calicut. The Europeans landed on this historical point and opened up the trade route to India. The spice trade as well as the enormous and lush coconut groves as well as water ways have greatly contributed to the checkered culture of the region.

A tourist’s paradise

Malayalam essays can highlight the fact that there is so much for tourists to do and see in Kerala. They can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments that include special massaging techniques that have been passed down for generations, boat-rides on its famous backwaters or bask on her wide beaches. The people of Kerala are highly educated and it is said that many of its bus drivers hold doctorate degrees.

Malayalam essays can touch on the fact that the growth of communism as well as the concept of the dignity of labor has meant that few people are ready or willing to pick coconuts or work as domestic helpers in homes for less than exorbitant rates.

Points to highlight

  • Highest literacy rate in India-91%
  • The least corrupt state in India
  • Increasing affluence due to NRI’s from Kerala that are working in the Persian gulf.
  • The culture of Kerala includes the literature of ‘Bhakti’ saints in the medieval times
  • Rare forms of martial arts like ‘Klaripayat’

To conclude Malayalam essays can stress on the natural abundance of Malayalam flora, fauna, literature, dance and films or one can write an essay on the language of Malayalam itself that is probably one of the oldest written languages of the world.

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