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Conflict Essay: Avoid The Conflict In it

In every day life, we deal with conflict, if not with ourselves, then with others. Conflict does not have to mean that it is bad; it is simply states that we have different viewpoints about certain things. A conflict essay is an essay about the conflict in a movie, book or our daily life. Conflict essays usually have five paragraphs, the introductory paragraph, the three body paragraphs and the closing paragraph.

Conflict Essay: Main Structure

  • Introductory paragraph is used to hook the reader and tell the thesis. The thesis is what you are trying to prove by writing the essay, the main point of the entire essay. This paragraph is very important because if the reader is hooked he will read the essay until the end, but if people are not hooked they will not read your paper and you wrote it all for nothing.
  • All three body paragraphs will begin with a topic sentence and at least three pieces of evidence that will support each sentence. The topic sentence represents the main idea of the essay and supports your thesis statement. The body paragraphs in a conflict essay are usually arranged from the least exciting topic sentence to the most exciting, so the reader has something to look forward to.
  • In your closing paragraph, you must restate your thesis statement. However, not with the same words. You have to make sure that no matter what, but your conclusion do not word to word as the original thesis statement. Summarize the three main points, and leave the reader with some final thoughts.

To write a successful conflict essay, choose a event that has happened in your life and left you with vivid memories. With each vivid memory you can describe, not tell what was going on, who was involved, what the conflict was, what feelings were generated, and how it got resolved.

An essay on conflict could be on any topic like war, or family conflict, neighbor conflicts, etc. Choose the type of conflict you are most interested about and give your thoughts freedom to develop this idea.

Conflict Essay: Writing Help

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