10 Page Term Paper


10 Page Term Paper

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Sample Term Paper on Baby Boom

A necessary step in scientific speculation is to specify precisely what is to be explained. At the demographic level, we have explained the baby boom mainly as an increase in the proportion of women having at least two children accompanied by a compression of fertility into a shorter, earlier period of time. (Another way of describing the same phenomenon is in terms of a significant decline in the average age of childbearing.) Being married and having a family (though not a large family) had become the norm during the decade after the war. Bachelorhood, childlessness and having only one child became increasingly unusual.

What kinds of social change occurred during this period that might help explain this trend? One persuasive theory proposed by economist Richard Easterlin is that the postwar period witnessed a combination of two basic forces which encouraged optimism and relaxed earlier constraints on marriage and having children: an unprecedented demand for goods and services otherwise known as the postwar economic boom; and an accompanying shortage of labor. This shortage was caused by low birthrates in the twenties and early thirties which reduced the number of job seekers two decades or more later. In former periods, this demand for labor was met by immigration but the restrictive legislation of the twenties had effectively dried up this source of labor. Thus young people in the early 1950's were relatively few in number and were faced with many well-paying job opportunities in a rapidly expanding economy -- a particularly propitious set of circumstances for encouraging the formation of families.

Other factors also contributed to what appeared to be a headlong rush into marriage and childbearing. Credit for home purchases and other consumer goods became widely available. With little investment and long amortization schedules it became possible for masses of people to satisfy home ownership aspirations, to escape the city and to have a "better place for the kids to grow up." With little or no down payment required, suburban developments mushroomed and young couples with young children moved in, their homogeneous concentrations undoubtedly reinforcing the norm of fertility. Pregnancy and motherhood no longer signified a withdrawal from social life; on the contrary, pregnancy seemed almost fashionable at the time. In the new child-centered suburban life -- separated physically and psychologically from the work environment -childlessness was the deviant form of behavior. The pressures for conformity were such that sterility was probably a more socially acceptable justification of childlessness than lack of interest in children.

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