15 Page Term Paper


15 Page Term Paper

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Term Paper Sample on Abortions

One doctor who has helped many women with legal as well as illegal abortions said, 'I don't like to have to play God'. Many doctors feel the decision should be a moral one between husband and wife and not something they should be forced to judge. And there are doctors who find the idea of abortion distasteful because they feel that their ethical duty is only to save lives. Others say the main consideration should be the mental and physical health of the woman.

Doctors are concerned about many facets of the problem. They realize that if they do not try to help pregnant women who are in a state of despair, it is quite possible these disturbed women may harm themselves through suicide, self-induced abortion, or resorting to the risk of illegal abortion. They worry about the profoundly disturbing effect on a mother and her family if she is forced to bear a deformed child. They are concerned that unwanted children may be the victims of feeling unwanted and suffer psychological handicaps, or may even be the subject of child abuse. The number of battered children brought to hospitals every year with fractured skulls, broken arms and legs, marks all over their bodies, bodies sometimes frail from starvation, is evidently increasing. But if a doctor helps a woman procure an abortion, he may worry about her changing her mind when it's too late, suffering from guilt feelings and regret. Nevertheless, doctors who receive visits from hundreds of women every year asking for help (in some cases the doctors were responsible for prescribing the method of contraception that failed to work), must somehow decide for themselves whether to try to help the woman or not, whether the unborn child is more important than the health and well-being of the mother, and finally, who should really be the one to make the decision. Sitting in their offices and on hospital abortion review boards, they are the ones who often make the crucial decision, after the woman alone or the woman and her husband have made theirs.

How do the doctors who monitor the mental health of the nation feel about the subject of abortion? In December 1965 the Association for the Study of Abortion sent questionnaires to 12,974 members of the American Psychiatric Association. Of this number, 5,289 responded. The psychiatrists were asked their opinion on whether they thought a pregnancy should be interrupted. A total of 97 percent agreed that an abortion should be performed when the life of the mother is in danger.

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