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250 Words per Page Term Paper

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The main deterrent to permitting abortion on demand is the law which rules on abortion just as it does on crime, taxes or zoning regulations. Legally, abortion first became a crime in England in 1803. This law differentiated between a fetus that had not yet "quickened" or moved, the aborting of which carried a penalty of fourteen years as an indentured servant, and a fetus which had moved, the aborting of which was termed manslaughter and was punishable by hanging. The law was revised in 1860 removing these distinctions and making it equally serious to perform any abortion.

In the United States, Connecticut was the first state to pass an abortion law in 1820, but abortion during the early months before "quickening" was not made an offense until 1860. In 1828, New York had made abortion legal in cases where such an operation would save the life of the mother.

The current legal situation is a mass of confusion in the sense that there is no Federal law governing abortion and each state has its own separate abortion laws not unlike the divorce law situation. Pressure for the repeal or liberalization of existing abortion restrictions comes from a number of different groups who feel we must help women find a solution to the quandary of unwanted pregnancies. In addition to women's organizations, which insist on complete repeal (and were in part responsible for the repeal of the law in New York), religious leaders and individual legislators have suggested that some changes in the hundred-yearold legal statutes are vital since they impinge on women's constitutional rights. But even among the legislators themselves, the subject is one of emotional conviction in either direction. An example of this was the recent effort in the 1969 session of the New York State legislature to liberalize the state's abortion law. Legislators had been canvassed by supporters of the new bill and it was thought the bill had a good chance of passing. On the day of voting, however, an impassioned speech by a legislator who was also a badly crippled victim of polio, eloquently expressing the right of every child to be born, wanted or not, deformed or not, (what if there had been no Helen Keller, Toulouse-Lautrec or Lord Byron?), caused a number of members who were pledged to support the bill to renege. The bill was subsequently defeated for the third consecutive year.

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