3,000 Words Term Paper SFU


3,000 Words Term Paper SFU

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Excerpt Term Paper SFU

Then in 1870 the Football Association staged in London a match styled ' England v Scotland'—the Scots all being resident in the city. The FA secretary wrote to the Scottish newspapers asking for players to take part in a second such game and this triggered off some correspondence which resulted in the captains of five Scottish Clubs issuing a challenge to any XX from England who played the carrying game. This challenge was accepted and led to the playing of the first Rugby International at Raeburn Place in 1871.

This challenge may have accelerated the formation of the English Rugby Union in early 1871—a body which at once produced its own set of Laws to be used by its member clubs. Several Scottish clubs joined this Union only to secede when the Scottish Football Union was formed in 1873. It was not long before this body began to fret at the Rugby Union who, year after year, made changes in their Laws. Each year these alterations had to be discussed and adopted (often reluctantly) by the SFU at their AGM and the matter came to a head in 1884 when England beat Scotland by a try whose validity was disputed on the field and later in correspondence which ended in a deadlock. As a result fixtures with England were cancelled and a new body, the International Board, was formed by the Irish, Welsh and Scottish Unions to control all international games while leaving the individual Unions to govern their own domestic affairs. The English Union refused to join until 1890 when, the affair having been put to arbitration, they gained their objective of having six delegates out of twelve. It was in this year that the SFU appointed as their Secretary and Treasurer J. Aikman Smith—a dominating personality who was connected with the Committee until his death in 1931.

His influence on Committee policies was tremendous, especially on matters which smacked of professionalism and his unyielding insistence on the power invested in the Union established the authority it carries today. It was he who saw to it that the Union were the first to own their own field, initially at Inverleith in 1899 and later at Murrayfield in 1925, a venue which later became the first to have underturf heating.

All this while the Schools continued to influence the game. It was they who had added the Rugby Laws to their own style of football and for years their former players ruled the Union Committees and formed the bulk of the International teams.

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