Admission College Essay Prompts


What Is Admission College Essay Prompt?

If you decided to enter any college, you should wait several weeks for packages/applications to arrive. In the meantime, the following material should be read: your entrance essay, the essay or college admission essays, which you wrote for your college applications should be held in a “ready” folder. Many of the scholarship groups will ask for an essay touching on topics you have already written or thought about, and hopefully (perhaps with a little reshaping), you can recycle your work.

Typical admission essay questions are:

  • What person in your individual life or in history has had the greatest influence on you? Why?
  • What are your future goals, and what do you think what your eventual impact on society will be?

Diversity Admission Essays

Admission committee wants to know more about you. The one way to do this is to read your admission essays. As a rule entrance English essays are similar and addressed to know you better as a future applicant. You may always read the list of application essays, which were assigned in your college last year. It helps you to have an idea about the requirements of the college. Writing essays, your task is to distinguish yourself from the mass of applicants. Attract admission officer attention and persuade him, that you are an appropriate candidate. There are eight areas, which colleges typically want to address in application essays writing.

  • Motivation
  • Industry
  • Initiative
  • Influence and leadership
  • Concern for others
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Emotional stability

Admission Essay Writing

Here is a part of admission essay writing that you are free to use as a model for your college admissions essay:

I will earn my M.D., and “come to the rescue” as a primary care doctor. My residency (and eventually my practice) will preferably be served in an urban setting like New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC. Across this country, “economically disadvantaged people” need help and support. At the next step, I will expand my knowledge on urban health and community needs (e.g., family dynamics, or trends in drug use). In a few weeks, I will be off to Harvard as an Arthur Ashe Fellow. And with my eventual residency and four year responsibility to the National Health Service Corps, I intend to take advantage of every learning experience. After all, I am on a “rescue” mission!

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