Analytical Essays


Analytical Essays

Writing analytical essays, your task is not to describe something but rather to analyze something.  For example, if your analytical essay is devoted to a prominent person, you should choose one aspect of his life and try to analyze it.  In particular, you may discuss how the childhood environment has shaped the moral development of that person.  The topics and approaching to uncovering them are diverse.  If you need help with writing your analytical essays, you have a perfect opportunity to get it here, at our site,  Our professional writers will not let you down.  We do not decline complicated assignments and we are never late with the paper delivery. In addition, our writing guide contains numerous sample essays.

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The arrangement between the two women had an obvious social function. Seventeenth-century France was not a caste society. While there were pronounced gaps between social groups, in the daily routines of life people of different classes were constantly associating. This association was found even in the court where Louis XIII grew up: Haroard's Journal makes clear that the dauphin lived amid crowds of peasants and artisans, entertainers and beggars. Such instances are characteristic of that "sociability" - the mixing of ages and classes, and their "coexistence ... in a single space - which Ari's found to be so typical of premodern society. The fact that the children of the rich were nursed by poorer women is only one among many signs of the free association of people who differed greatly in status.

However, if we look carefully at such situations, I think we find that they work to differentiate the participants one from another even as they give the appearance of bringing them closer together. Ostensibly a sign of familiar association, the nursing arrangement in fact powerfully emphasized class differences. The upper-class mother was provided with a conspicuous sign of her superiority in that she was free of a degrading occupation which other, poorer women had to perform. The nurse, on the other hand, was presented with an economic problem; or rather the difficulties of sustenance in her life were aggravated by the coming of another mouth to feed. The idea of respect for her masters and of her own lack of worth was underlined in that the nurse had to set aside her own infant and to devote her primary attentions to the intruding child in order to be acquitted of her part in the bargain. As a domesticated animal, she was alienated from her own motherhood. In spite of its air of intimacy, I think it clear that the overall effect of the transaction was a sharpened sense of the distance between the two women and between the social groups they represented.

Hiring a nurse was part of a particular style of life. It helped to define the status of the participating mothers and of the families to which they belonged. At the same time, I think that this socially oriented analysis still leaves unexplored some facets of the problem. After all, our understanding of the reasons nurses were employed comes almost entirely from the medical literature in favor of maternal breastfeeding.

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The first and the most important rule of analytical essays writing is - your analytical essay must be free of plagiarism. You cannot simply copy/paste information found online.  Your task is to provide an analysis of that information.  If you are not sure in your writing skills, you may order analytical essay writing service at our site.  There are no risks!  We guarantee confidentiality and we do not resell delivered papers. We are honest with our clients and we strive not to be late with analytical essays delivery.

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