APA Paper Format


APA Paper Format

Most of the college papers must be written in APA format. APA format is a generally accepted norm for academic paper formatting. It defines the rules for college paper style: in-text citation references, pagination, margins, etc. In general, APA format requires the following:

  • Use 1 inch margins from all sides of the page.
  • The first page is the title page.
  • The shortened title as well as page numbers placed in upper right corners. The distance is 1 inch from the top of the page and 1 inch from the right side.
  • Double-space between the lines.
  • Make references for the list of cited references. The list also should be double-spaced. It is placed at the end of the college paper writing and it includes the works that you used writing paper. This list should be organized in alphabetical order by the last name of the author.
  • The font size is 12 point. But the requirements of different colleges are diverse that is you may be asked to use 14 point font size for the paper.
  • Do not forget to include an abstract paragraph right after the cover page!
  • No outline is necessary!

Paper Editing

If you are not sure how to apply APA style to your paper, you may ask for professional paper editing service at Custom-Paper-Writing.com site. We can definitely ensure that your paper is edited in proper APA format.  It implies to proper formatting of cover page, abstract, headings, citations, reference list and even page layout.  Paper writing editing is a qualitative assistance.  It means that in addition to corrected format, you will receive free recommendation on how to improve your paper.  Professional editor will highlight the sections of your paper that need improvement or revision.  In addition, editor will tell you why and how to improve your paper.  Thus, you get paper properly formatted in APA plus a detailed recommendation.

Editing Paper Service

It has never been easier to have your paper refined.  If you seek paper editing service, it means that you care about your grades and you want to ensure that your paper follows APA format.  Our editing prices are low enough to avoid financial burden on you.  APA paper format is not exceptionally difficult to follow; however, it is very easy to get lost in all peculiarities of it.  We are available 24/7 to help.

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