APA Style Term Paper


APA Style Term Paper

APA style term paper is one of the widely used format for term paper writing. Before writing term paper, you are welcome to examine the following term paper writing tips:

  • One of the main term paper requirements is that the term paper should be typed. While typing your academic term paper in Microsoft Word, use a default setting of the computer. If you don't know the length of your academic term paper you should ask your tutor about this. 
  • The title of the English term paper should be centered but not underline. Use 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. In the bottom corner of the term paper write personal data (your name, course, date, etc.)
  • The layout should be general. Do not include too many quotations; it certainly will not improve your academic term paper.
  • Every page should have centered title at the top of the term paper. Use double spacing format.
  • Using in-text citation requires a reference page at the end of the term paper. In-text citations may be both direct quotations and paraphrases. Both must be cited on the reference page, otherwise, you will be accused in plagiarism.
  • Quotations may be short as well as long. Quotation should be less than 40 words. The direct quotation should be enclosed in brackets () and reference information should be placed close to it, for example (Andrew, 1999). Keep in mind that different methods of citation make your work more interesting to read.
  • Paraphrases usually go at the end of the line of your work. APA does not require page numbers, but your tutor probably does.
  • Author/Year of work is the general format, if author is not known than following this format Title/Year of work. If you do not know the date of publication, you use (n.d. - no date. You should note down references as you conduct your research. Remember, references should be double spaced.
  • The reference page should be alphabetized by author's name and the title of the work.
  • Don't write 'The' when compiling a reference list.
  • If you used Internet sources while writing term paper, give a complete URL address and the date of access.

While writing term paper, avoid repetition of the words. The academic term paper will look thoughtless with the same words within several sentences. You should also avoid repetition of the ideas. If this was noticed the tutor would conclude that you have a lack of clarity of thought. Avoid these mistakes. 

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