Application Essay


Application Essay: Why Do You Need To Read This Article?

This article is about an application essay and ways of writing it. Some techniques and wise advice may be useful for students, who want to enter the higher institution and will have an assignment to write an application essay, in other words, to present them to the Admission Committee.


If you think, there are only two stages of carrying out the assignment, such as writing itself and submitting, you are strongly wrong. You have 5 stages as minimum. Follow the next stages of writing:

1)      Deciding on a topic after a close reading of instructions;

2)      Collecting and analyzing information, making sure about the form of writing (short answers to several questions or one page for one big question explaining);

3)      Making an outline, adding some facts and statistics in the proper places, substituting words by synonyms;

4)      Drafting as many times, as you need for reaching the result of a complete application essay (;

5)      Revising and editing – two important stages, which may influence a grammar, language and style.

Application Essay: Questions about you and your intentions

The whole essay should be about you, but in the indirect way. Do a “research on yourself”, asking:

  1. What is the field of science interesting for learning and why?
  2. What profitable sides will I have studying this subject?
  3. What is the best point in career in the future?
  4. Why do you need this program?
  5. What advantages do you have against other applicants?
  6. What can you tell about yourself and lessons you have learnt during your life?
  7. What are your special skills and ideas for the science?

Take Into Account The Audience!

Your audience is the Admission Committee, respectable and serious gentlemen and ladies. You should be on the high level in your essay. Therefore, try to present the ideas in the significant and qualified manner.

 You should communicate with them through your application essay; therefore, you should not offend them or be rude or vulgar. However, on the other hand, you need to make them be interested in your candidature and accept you.

 Here You Have Some Rules Of Presenting Information:

  • Do not repeat already said in other words.
  • Persuade that you will reach your goals by stating why you should reach them at all.
  • Use laconic and clear language. Your style is formal, but an element of informality may be used as a good feat.
  • Assure the audience in your preparedness of facing challenges in the future study of the science.
  • Explain your disadvantages or failures and how it has influenced on you in the best way.
  • Avoid clichés and general statements, which everyone may use. You are not everyone; you are a special, so show it!

Application Essay Help Of Professionals

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