Argument Essay Writing


Argument Essay Writing

The below tips are written by writer working at to assist you with argumentative essay writing. The most difficult parts of argument essay writing are introduction and conclusion. Introduction focuses reader's attention on the essay problems, raises key questions, indicates contradiction, and reveals different aspects of the topic. As to essay conclusion: the most vivid idea must be not in conclusion, but in the body of your argument essay writing. The main idea must summarize your judgment about the topic. For example, the topic "We have no time to become ourselves" suggests that the student devotes his essay to the problem of self-knowledge, self-consciousness, self-perfection, and puts forward existential problems of human being. In other words, turns to the individual development. Other argument essay topics may include the problems of the ratio of material and spiritual needs of humans and contradictions between the two. This means that the extracted for the draft and then included in the final text, concepts, terminology, examples, quotes, arguments must be in some way related to this problem.

The structure of essays is defined by the requirements. The author's thoughts on argument essay writing topics are described in the form of short ideas (Is). The idea should be supported by evidence, so after the idea followed arguments (As). Arguments are facts, the phenomenon of social life, events, life situations and life experiences, the scientific evidence, references to the views of scientists and others. It is better to lead two arguments in favor of each idea: one argument seems unconvincing while three arguments can "reload" argument essay writing performed in the genre based on figurativeness and brevity.

Thus, argument essay writing acquires ring structure (number of ideas and arguments depends on the essay topic, outline, and the logic of the development of thought):

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Ideas, arguments
  4. Ideas, arguments
  5. Ideas, arguments
  6. Conclusion

Remember introduction and the conclusion should focus attention on the essay problem (raised in the introduction and summarized in the conclusion).

Writing Argument Essay

Writing an essay you can apply different methods of argumentation. For example:

  1. Philosophical appraisal. This allows you to understand and to distinguish problems, independently express your own views.
  2. Awareness of the problem and attempt to solve it. You should find the problem in the topic and argue its possible solution.
  3. Identification and comparison of the concepts, authors' positions, viewpoints, opinions. (It is very convenient to form the results of work in the tables.)

Obviously, essay writing supposes personally-oriented approach to learning. The criteria of judging are expression of own ideas, argumentation, awareness of the problem and self-dependence on solution. Placing an order at, you get professionally written argument essay. We deliver only custom written papers and we are never late with delivery. Moreover, we offer refunds for the missed deadlines. We appreciate the trust of every client and we are able to meet the requirements of all tutors.

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