Argumentative Essay


Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay must be developed on specific arguments.  It is a must.  Argumentative essay can be based on your personal opinion; however, it will be weak if you do not provide specific examples supporting your point of view.  From the first lines of your argumentative essay, your position on the discussed issue should be clear to the reader.  Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should not mention an opposite opinions.  On the contrary, your argumentative essay should include specific references to other side of the debate.  Writing an argumentative essay about smoking ban, for example, you should definitely think about both sides of the argument, choose the one you support, explain why it is right as well as mention why the other side is wrong.  If you use secondary sources (articles, journals, books, and the Internet), you must give a credit to the author - do not forget to cite everything you use!

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing an essay you must avoid plagiarism!  Your argumentative essay must be written in your own words.  Take into account that paraphrasing is the same as plagiarism!  Plan your time wisely to avoid rush.  It is possible to write a good argumentative essay overnight for an experienced writer; but it is hardly achievable for an average student.  Thus, give yourself at least a couple of days to write, structure, and revise your argumentative essay.  Do not forget about argumentative essay editing - ask your friend or a parent to read your essay aloud. Does it sound convincing?  Does it flow logically?

Argumentative Essay Writing

Every step of argumentative essay writing must be carefully reviewed.  You cannot simply submit an essay without even reading it for the second time.  Usually, there are many mistakes you may not have noticed. For example, you had an idea in mind but did not express it clearly or omitted the word.  Such mistakes are not very serious but they will definitely affect your grade negatively.  Ordering custom writing service, you receive perfect argumentative essay written by experienced writer.  You may ask for revisions and amendments as many times as you want.  Argumentative essay is very interesting to write but it becomes a real challenge if you do not know how to start writing it.

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