Cause and Effect Essay


Cause and Effect Essay

You should start cause and effect essay writing with a draft. Students sometimes do not know what the draft is, and write it as a final version of the cause/effect essay: sheets written with the same density without fields and icons. The main difference is that the draft is written carelessly. The final draft has not free space for improving the text, polishing thoughts, and does not provide an opportunity to work creatively. So called wrong drafts are suitable for compilation nature, which, in turn, with multiple repeating, is a form of panic fear of self expression. What to do? It is useful to keep draft sheets half empty (expansive fields!) - write only on one side of it. Fields are need for making corrections and additions in the process of editing and proof-reading the original text. A place remains at the back side of the sheet for quotations, examples, ideas, etc.

Important detail: the first record in the draft as well as in the final version is the exact wording of the essay topic. Topic is a task that needs your understanding. Essay topic is usually formulated to assume that there is no "correct" answer, but a lot of possible answers. Reading it very attentively, the student appears in the creative space that the essay topic outlines. If a single word, thought (in some cases, even wording as a whole) will be repeated in the text of the English essay, it should not be taken as shortcoming. The main task for student is to understand and disclose the college essay topic, not to go away from it (the situation is very common in the college practice).

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Thus, English essay topic is selected, deliberated, and in some way understood. Normally, cause and effect essay topics are problematic, and have controversial nature. It is essential to find the main idea, main problem of the college essay topic and understand the way of solving it. It is worth to extract to the draft in the free form all information you may need for writing cause and effect essay: concepts, controversies, associations, quotes, examples, theses, the views, arguments, the names, events. In short, "give yourself a will" to write down everything that seems necessary, interesting, or relevant to the topic. The next task is to bring all this "chaos" in order writing an essay, to correlate with essay topic, choose impressive quote, precise idea, an interesting fact, or a convincing argument.

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