Cause Effect Papers


Cause Effect Papers: Why and What?

You may be surprised by the fact that writing of cause effect papers is rather fascinating task. But it is so, indeed! Why? When writing cause effect papers students investigate causes and effects of certain events or phenomena that have taken or are taking place in nature or human society.

Is it not interesting to find out why World War I started or what may be results of the carbon emission increasing? So, let’s consider how to do this interesting task in order to get high grades!

In what way should cause effect papers be written?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to study causes or effects, whether you want to research the main causes/effects among numerous ones. The matter point is that you should be interested in the issue.

The process of writing of cause effect papers

First of all, one should stress that writing of cause effect papers like any other assignment papers should begin with determining of a topic. If you are not provided with a certain topic for your writing, your task is more difficult. You should think about what you want to study in your cause effect paper. Remember: choose the topic that is interesting for you. It will be much easier for you to write your paper. Besides, you will be able to make your paper interesting for your audience. So, then the process of your writing starts.

  1. Study the issue. Before writing about any causes or effects you should study the issue in question properly. Remember: the more information on the topic you will find, the better you will highlight the issue.
  2. Make a thesis statement. State what exactly you are discussing. Pay attention your thesis statement should be short and clear.
  3. Make an outline. Determine the main points you are going to highlight in your paper: causes, effects or both causes and effects.
  4. Write your paper. Try to use different facts, examples, results of some observations, some figures. That will make your paper more interesting and convincing. The usage of various transitional words and phrases such as “first of all”, “firstly”, “secondly”, “this suggestion is supported by the fact that”, “it seems that”, “moreover” will help you put your thoughts clearly and logically.
  5. Do not forget to check your cause effect paper! Any mistakes may easily spoil the impression about your paper and, hence, your grade. So, re-read your paper for several times paying attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation and the whole contents.

So, bearing in mind this information will help you in writing any of cause effect papers.

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