Cold War History Essay


Cold War History Essay

If you've got the assignment to write an essay about historical events, Cold War for example, you are expected to write a research paper. Your first task is to go to the library and find necessary information for research essay. Find and analyze as many information as you can, Cold War history essay cannot be based on one article. While writing Cold War history essay, you need to discover, interpret, and revise numerous publications, both primary and secondary.  Cold War, as an essay topic, requires deep understanding of the historical period and relations between the United States and Soviet Union.

Essay Writing Tips

Once you have visited your local library, collected enough information, and arranged your ideas (created an outline), you are ready to start writing an essay.  English essay format has to consist of three components:  introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.  Introduction paragraph should contain general information on the period of Cold War, the causes of conflict, tension and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, their allies, and the overall political situation in the world in the period of 1940s-1990s.  Introduction should contain a thesis statement aimed at helping the reader to understand the Cold War history essay flow.

Body paragraph should show your research work. Each paragraph should contain new idea and should start with new line.  English essay body paragraphs should be used to describe the reasons why Cold War tensions appeared and cover ideological differences between the US and the USSR. The US was a capitalist country at that time and the USSR was a communist country. Thus, you might mention that US was afraid of the spread of communism throughout the world. In addition, you should give other examples and support them with specific facts.

Cold War history essay conclusion should summarize the main points of the whole essay.  Do not bring new information in the concluding section.  You may conclude with your own interpretation of the historical period and set the direction for further research.  For example, mention the Iron curtain speech, the development of the Atomic Bomb, etc.  Keep in mind that all sources you used or consulted for Cold War history essay writing have to be properly cited within the text as well as at the end of it. Bibliography list has to be formatted in accordance to the style requested by the tutor.

Custom Essay Writing Help

If you are not sure in your ability to write a good Cold War history essay, if you cannot decide on the overall direction, if you cannot find enough sources to support your ideas, you are welcome to ask writers for assistance!  In addition to final draft of your custom written paper, you get FREE plagiarism report and bibliography list.

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