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A really good college application essay can open doors for you and place your feet firmly on the path to success. A bad one can slam doors in your face. Here are some useful dos and don’ts that you can follow to ensure that you get in to the institution of your dreams while bagging the subject of your choice. So ensure that you read this article before you begin to write your college application essay. If you want to learn how to write good college essays, do not forget to read great article with tips on college entrance essay outline and review free college admission essays in our blog. In addition, you may rely on our college essay help provided by professional writers online!

The power of the written word

You may be an average student that gets accepted on the strength of an excellent college application essay;or you could be an outstanding student that gets rejected due to a confused and unstructured one. So always ask yourself two vital questions before writing your college application essay ( 

  1. How is what I am going to say relevant for the particular course I am choosing? If you are applying for a scientific course then your artistic ability will not play such an important role in what you have to say about yourself.
  2. Does what I am going to say put me in a positive perspective? Make sure that you highlight past experience by focusing more on your performance in Exams, awards, debate prize, experimentation details and so on.

Two things to do:

·   If English is not your first language-get help: do not feel shy about asking a capable student or mentor to review your college application essay as you jot down the important changes/recommendations/views. Use their editorial ability. Do also get expert help that is available on line (they will even do a critique or just edit and add final touches to what you have written.)

·   Tell a persuasive story: Zero in on your life story while highlighting incidents that pinpoint a quality you have, that will make you the right candidate for admission. For instance if you want to join a nursing course highlight an incident in which you showed care, concern and initiative for an elderly family member. If you are keen on a business school, your college application essay should narrate an incident in which you showed rare capability in leading a team to success.

If you keep a clear focus and follow these guidelines, you should come up with a college application essay that will open more doors then you could imagine.

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