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Can style be taught? Style is your way of writing - the expression of your personality as an essay writer. Style can also be defined as writing that expresses or carries the voice of the author without which essay writing is dead. Sometimes, the style of college essay writer's is so strong that the tutor can recognize it without knowing the identity of the author. Many students ask whether essay style can be taught.  In at least one fundamental sense, essay style is elusive in much the same way as rhythm or good taste or passion is elusive.  Every student possesses his own writing style; however, not every student is able to write a good essay. College essays are interesting to write, however, college essay writing is a challenge.  We hope that the below tips and other articles under this section will help you learn something useful about writing college essay.

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There are two cardinal rules to improve and develop college essay writing style:

  • by writing (regular writing)
  • by developing an awareness of the style of others (reading and studying the essays of others)

Read the following specific strategies for developing your own college essay writing style:

  • expose yourself to things you want to write about
  • read widely (not just one author)
  • mark passages that please you and reread them, noting why they please you
  • underscore the good figures of speech, count their frequency and taste their flavor

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College Essay Help

Prior to writing college essay, examine the below principles of style.

  1. aim for simplicity
  2. avoid trite phrases and cliches
  3. use figures of speech appropriately
  4. avoid euphemisms, slang and colloquialisms
  5. choose your words carefully (seek the ‘right’ word; avoid rare and difficult words)
  6. avoid repeating key words (unless for emphasis or effect)
  7. avoid redundancy
  8. use alliteration
  9. keep sentences as short as possible
  10. develop a feel for rhythm
  11. be original is your chance to get a college essay help of truly high academic level.  We have developed an advance plagiarism detecting system and provide free plagiarism report to prove authenticity of your college essay.

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