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Once you have finished generating some preliminary ideas for your essay, developing an outline is the next step. Developing an outline will save you time and aggravation by helping you to organize your ideas and create a structure. There are many ways to order details, and here are three common ones:

  1. Chronological order: arranges details across time. This method is useful for crafting a narrative, but it can also be used for ordering the details of a process.
  2. Spatial order: arranges details as they appear across space; i.e. from front to back, top to bottom, left to right.
  3. Progressive order: arrange details from the least to the most important, compelling, interesting, etc. This order is very useful for argumentation-persuasion papers because it helps you lead up to a final main point that will convince your reader.

Many students avoid the outlining process because they believe it only involves the very formal outline with roman numerals and letters. For very formal research papers, this outline can be very helpful. There are other, less formal options, however. In a few minutes, you’ll see some different ways to structure your outline. First, though, you should note the following guidelines for writing an outline:

  1. Develop a working thesis. The working thesis is not set in stone, and you can feel free to revise it as you write.
  2. Consider your context. Remember the ideas covered in lesson 1. You should always consider your purpose, audience, and role.
  3. Be flexible: As you develop your outline, you may notice that you develop new ideas or that some of your original ideas no longer fit. Again, feel free to revise the outline as you move through the process.

Return to idea generation, if necessary. If you notice that you are having significant difficulties coming up with an outline, it could signify you have not yet developed enough ideas.

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