College Essay Writing Tips


This guide is devoted to college essay writing tips presented by professional essay writers for those who have many essays to write and yet lack time to read through lengthy guidelines. We believe that the whole process of college essay writing can be condensed into eight specific steps. Of course, each step requires varying length of time and scope of your attention.

With our help, college essay writing is no longer a nightmare! If you find the following college essay writing tips useful and yet do not feel like writing a good essay tonight, you may confidently rely on our college essay writers and get your assignment done by professionals!

Eight College Essay Writing Tips

Tip 1:  Brainstorming

This is the first step of college essay writing. You need to think about the topic, decide on the specific aspects you want to cover, write down all thoughts running through your head in the process of topic analysis, and be ready for the next step.

Tip 2: Outlining

The second step of college essay writing is outlined creation. Why do you need a college essay outline? College essay outline helps you organize your ideas more effectively as it allows presenting your thoughts in a logical manner.

Tip 3: Freewrite

During this third step of college essay writing, your task is to turn ideas into sentences and paragraphs. While your essay may not be perfect from the very beginning, the purpose of this step is not to write a final draft but rather to expand your outline.

Tip 4: Edit

Now is time to edit your first draft. You may add additional ideas, expand paragraphs, add transitions between the paragraphs, check referencing, and do all other vital elements which affect the quality of your college essay writing:

Tip 5: Second Draft

So, we have reached the step when first draft is turned into second draft.  It should be well-written, logically organized, and answer the essay question in full. You need to check your college essay for all vital aspects and requirements of the instructor.

Tip 6: Edit Draft 2

Basically, you need to look at the whole essay with the special attention paid to the grammar, mechanism, spelling, and other mistakes which might have been left without your attention in the process of writing.

Tip 7: Print Essay

Sounds easy enough and yet you need to print your second draft of college essay. Sometimes, when you have a printed copy at hand, editing process becomes much easier as you start noticing many mistakes including organization, length of paragraphs, and flow of ideas.

Tip 8: Proofread

Finally, proofread your final draft one more time prior to submission. If you are fully satisfied with your work, do not hesitate to submit your assignment. If not, you may go through steps 5-7 over again.

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