Communism Paper Philosophy Term


Communism Paper Philosophy Term: From Past till Present

Communism, which is also described as "Revolutionary Proletarian Socialism" or "Marxism," is both a political and economic philosophy. Moreover, in consciousness of majority, communism is whole epoch, in some way style of living.

Communism Paper Philosophy Term: Introductory Aspects

Modern day Communism is based on the writings of two German economists, Karl Marx and Fredric Engels, who answered the question “What is Communism?” They declare that many problems in society are due to the unequal distribution of wealth, in Manifesto, which they wrote together. The distinctions between the rich and poor of society must be eliminated to bring about happiness and prosperity for all. That was the main idea, the communism philosophy term.

Communism Paper Philosophy Term: Topics to Consider

According to The Communist Manifesto, Communism includes seven main planks or postulates:

  • Prohibition to own property.
  • Developed tax system.
  • Abolition of property.
  • One sole Bank.
  • Control labor at the state level.
  • Corporate farming.
  • Education control at the state level.

Communism Paper Philosophy Term: Mention Czarism

Communism was a new period in its history after Imperial (Czarism) fall, it was a new landmark in everyone’s life. When the communism took its place, country was divided into two groups of people. Those, who accepted new authorities and those, who were deadly against. Communism philosophy term denied both Religion and the Absolute Morality founded upon Religion. A great number of churches were destroyed. Many priests (popes) were sent to prison together with murderers.

Everybody knows that there is nothing eternal under the moon. When you can not resist the inevitable the best way for you is to accept it. So, when time past, communism philosophy term sets deep in people’s mind. Even today, our grandparents remember and compare some things or events in present with the past. Everything had change since that time. Reforming way of life, way of thinking from habitual into brand new was very hard and difficult for thousands people.

Final Notes on Communism Paper Philosophy Term

Summing up the main idea, I would like to say that communism as a form of governance and political strategy has taken place and has brought its contribution to the history of Russia. Communism has its pluses and minuses like everything in our life. Communism forbade religion and made people to act on the pattern. We lived by the rules and were afraid to take a step towards.  But, communism philosophy term helped us to won the war, and farmed honor and morality.

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