Comparative Analysis Essay


Comparative Analysis Essay: The Basics

The old adage tells us, ‘Cognition comes through comparison’. Really it is hard to qualify anything as absolute in our world. As long as there are people with their unique tastes, preferences and views, there will be comparison and of course comparative analysis. Perhaps no writer, actor, musician or painter ever escaped comparison with someone else. For this purpose a comparative analysis essay and a comparative analysis paper are usually written.

As you might have guessed the comparative analysis essay includes not only writer’s personal opinion but also critical comparative analysis. The main goal of the comparative analysis essay is a comprehensive analysis of works, for instance books, and their comparison.

Comparative Analysis Essay: What Can You Write About?

  • Homogeneity of comparison objects. Most probably you understand that it is impossible to compare an orange with a tank or a cookie with plutonium, but sometimes the verge is not that obvious. Thus before you start analyzing the objects, make sure they are homogeneous.
  • Practicability of the comparison. For instance, Mozart and Stevie Wonder have a lot in common: both are genius and famous composers, both play piano, and etc. But does the comparative analysis of these people make sense? What is the use of it? Therefore, make you comparative analysis essay practical:
  • Key points for the comparison and analysis. The comparison of principle characters, styles, techniques, word pictures – anything you consider to be important for your comparative analysis essay may be a key point. The key points will help you in the final text of the comparative analysis essay, but you do not have to emphasize them separately – use them for simplification and systematization of your work.
  • Personal opinion. The essay requires the expression of your personal viewpoint. The comparative analysis in this case is only the tool of thoughts expression. If you do not mention your personal opinion in the comparative analysis essay, then why did you write it?

Comparative Analysis Essay: Final Advice

With the help of the recommendations in this article you will be able to write the comparative analysis essay on any topic better and faster. With each new experience in writing the comparative analysis essay you will develop your own methods and principles. Analytical and comparative skills will stand you in good stead in real life. And finally instead of ‘I like this more than that’ you will provide an argumentative comparative analysis on the topic.

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