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Composition Essay: Write It Easily

Writing a composition essay proves to be challenging enough in one’s first language, not to mention in a foreign language. Here you will find some tips and strategies on how to organize your writing easily and quickly, in order to get full marks in the organization aspect of your composition essay short.

Composition Essay Types

  • Narrative. In the introduction restate the composition essay topic in your own words and briefly introduce the person or incident you will be writing about. In the main body establish the background to what you are about to describe. Narrate what happened. Break this portion into 2-3 paragraphs: the introduction to the key moment, especially the key moment and the aftermath. Write all in the separate paragraphs. Use time links where possible. In the conclusion, discuss the influence a person or incident had on you and what you learned.
  • Problem or solution. In the introduction, restate the situation in your own words. State simply that the situation involves problems, but solutions do exist. In the main body write a separate paragraph about each problem. Start with a good topic sentence describing the problem, than analyze it with the series of examples, reasons, and results. Using a clear transition statement, present one or more solutions. Use links and elaborate with reasons, examples, and results. In the conclusion of your composition essay, summarize by the restating of introduction.
  • For and against. In the introduction, briefly restate the issue of the topic. State simply that the issue has advantages and disadvantages. In the main body write a separate paragraph about each side of the argument. Start with the clear topic sentence describing one side of the argument. Develop with 2-3 aspects. End the conclusion by weighing up both sides and expressing your opinion.
  • Opinion. In the introduction briefly restate your topic and your opinion. In the body of composition essay, write a separate paragraph about each choice, side or key aspect. Start with topic sentence announcing your choice. Develop with several reasons and examples to justify your choice, using linking words. End your essay by restating your opinion and leaving the reader with a thought-provoking idea:

After you finish writing your essay, give it a rest and turn your attention to some other task, such as writing or proofreading your summary essay. While proofreading clarifies all phrases and points, add in words that you have omitted and change words that you have mistakenly put, erase unnecessary apostrophes, add in needed. Proofread also your spelling errors, capitalization errors and comma use errors.

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