Concept Paper


Concept Paper: Protect Your Project!

What is a concept paper? What purposes does writing of this kind of paper have? Looking for answers for these questions? This article will help you make this issue clear for you!

A concept paper as a kind of the academic writing

A concept paper acts as a proposal for a project. Sometimes the notions concept paper and proposal are even used as synonyms.

So, why should you write a concept paper? This kind of paper is called to present a preliminary summary of your project. The success of your project will depend on the success of your concept paper. Other words, you should convince the committee that your project is worth doing, it will have the theoretical value and the practical application.

So, what kind of information should a concept paper contain? When writing a concept paper you should state the following:

  • The purpose of your investigation. Why did you decide to investigate this issue? What will be the use of the results of this investigation?
  • The subject of your research. What questions will you consider?
  • The methodology. In what way will you conduct your research?
  • The literature review. What works will your project be based on?

Concept paper writing tips

  1. Think over the title of your concept paper. It should be a good illustration of the main idea of your project. The title should be made clearly and correctly. Do not forget that it will be the first thing that your audience will read. If you are going to persuade this audience that your project will be VERY GOOD, nothing may cause any doubt about that!
  2. You should state what period of time it will take you to complete your project pointing out the main stages of the writing process. One should mention that this is the characteristic of concept papers. Your audience should know not only what you are going to write about but also how long you will do.
  3. When writing your concept paper use different examples, statistical data or results of some observations. That will help you complete 2 tasks. Firstly, the usage of such elements will help catch the interest of your readers. Secondly, your concept paper will sound more convincing when containing such information.

Keep in mind this information when writing your concept paper. Remember: the more clearly and convincing you will write it, the more chances you will have in getting high points for your project.

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