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Conformity Essay: Blind Conformity

Conformity essay is usually a short paper written from the personal point of view of the author. These essays become a major part of formal education. Essay writing helps students to improve their writing skills.

Conformity Essay: Tips

  • Before starting writing do some thinking. Decide what topic you are interested most of all. Think what you want to tell the reader with your essay: whether you want to persuade him or just to describe some subject.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to write. Do not be hard on yourself when you first sit down to write.
  • Once you have your ideas down on paper, give it to some trusted readers. To make other people rethink and rewrite your essay is not the idea:
  • The point is to ask questions that will push you to think more broadly.
  • Check out a writing manual for guidance. Your essay should not have any grammatical or spelling errors, compelling and insightful.

Conformity Essay Example: Blind Conformity

In our world, it is often difficult to adapt to one specific type of lifestyle. Our way of living may consist a look, a way of thinking; a religion that does not conform to whatever is a norm or the accepted at a given time. When it is the case, we can feel forced to change, so here we are sensitive to the blind conformity. Blind conformity is like a molding of us. It is what is said to be normal in society not using our differences to develop us as humans. Blind conformity causes us to disregard our strongest beliefs that should be the most powerful driving forces in all of our lives.

In today’s world television and other media show certain lifestyles, ideas and then the public automatically conforms.

However, it is extremely important for us to be taught from an early age to be proud of who we are. Who can say that coarse hair is prettier than soft hair? Who can say that being skinny is prettier than fat? Who can say that white is better than black or black is better than white? Defeating insecurity knows that there is no better one in these situations, but that they are simply differences.

Conformity Essay: Writing Help

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