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Controversy Essay: Choosing Controversy Essay Topics

To write a good controversy essay worthy of attention, you need to start the process of writing with a careful choice of a good topic. The first and the most important issue to keep in mind is that such topics as abortions, gay adoption, or animal experimentation are no longer interesting to explore. Your instructor wants to see fresh topics and fresh ideas. Therefore, start your research and be creative:

One of the important elements of controversy essay writing is the value of being indifferent to the topic. While it is hardly possible to have no opinion on the issue, avoid choosing the topics that make you too passionate. For example, if are strongly against smoking in public places, you will fail writing a good controversy essay at least because you have to present both sides of the argument.

The second critical aspect of successful controversy essay writing is organization of your ideas. The most recommended structure is the following: introduction, your strongest point, second strongest point, opposing point, refutation, third strongest point, and conclusion that restates your key points.

Of course, you will not succeed in writing strong controversy essay if you do not include specific examples to support your points. Therefore, devote enough time to read different articles, look through books, and surf the Internet. Do not forget about citing all borrowed information! You do not want to get F for plagiarizing, do you?

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