Critical Analysis Example


Critical Analysis Example: Learn, Learn, and Learn Once Again

Vladimir Lenin used to say ‘To Learn, to Learn and to Learn Once Again’. So let us follow his advice and learn writing critical analysis. It is obvious that any skill should be learned from professionals: a cook will best teach you how to cook, a shoemaker – to make shoes, a poet – to write poems. And if you want to learn how to perform the critical analysis you should study examples of those people, who already know how to do that. Let us consider what aspects you should pay attention to in the critical analysis example.

Aspects of the Critical Analysis Example

  1. Logic. The first thing you should look at in the critical analysis example that you examine is logic. Find the connection between every statement in the critical analysis example. If you learn to see drawbacks in logic of other authors, you will not make such mistake yourself and moreover you will develop critical thinking skill.
  2. Structure. Any critical analysis example must contain an overview, detailed analysis and conclusions. Do not try to change this traditional structure, it must be the same in your critical analysis.
  3. Points of view. Above all, you have to understand that critical analysis means unbiased analysis, if you do not want to sound preconceived, remember this. You should pay attention to how clearly the author of the critical analysis example expresses his point of view. For the analysis to be critical other viewpoints also must be analyzed. The author of the critical analysis example (and you when you write your critical analysis) should consider also those viewpoints that do not support his (your) own.
  4. Your attitude. When you read enough critical analysis examples, you will almost definitely experience the temptation of copying and combining them for your own critical analysis. If you manage to resist this temptation, before writing your critical analysis think over what you have read, consider what you agree or disagree on with the author of the critical analysis example:

Critical Analysis Essay –Final Note

When you consider the critical analysis example, you should pay attention to every abovementioned aspects. A good critical analysis example contains all of them and makes things clear for you, i.e. does not leave any questions after reading. It is not easy to write the critical analysis if you are not experienced in it, but learning from critical analysis examples will smooth things down for you and make you a professional with competent essay writing service

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