Critical Analysis of a Research Paper


Critical Analysis of a Research Paper: Helpful Tips

Making of critical analysis of research papers may possess some difficulties for students. First of all, it is because you should not only study a research paper you have to analyze but also have at least some general knowledge about an issue that is investigated in it.

Otherwise, how can you define strong and weak points of this work? Of course, to make good discussion of the issue you should be aware of this issue. Besides, when writing your critical analysis of a research paper you should take into account that the style of your analysis should correspond, to some extent, to that of the research paper it is written on.

Although there are certain requirements to writing of assignment analysis it goes without saying that the style of analyzing of a poem, for example, is rather different from that of analyzing of a research paper.

Thus, if you are provided with an assignment to write critical analysis of a research paper you should do your best in order to cope with such a task!

Critical Analysis of a Research Paper: Nota Bene!

When writing critical analysis of a research paper keep in mind the following information:

  1. It is obvious that before getting down to your critical analysis of a research paper you should study the research paper you are going to analyze. But first of all, you should study the subject it focuses on. So, find and study some information on the issue. You should get the point to make really thorough analysis.
  2. After studying the issue in question read the research paper. You may make some notes or consult some informational sources on the issue. Remember: good critical analysis is based on the deep studying of the subject.
  3. Your critical analysis should be thorough. But if it covers the whole research paper, you will not be able to put it into several pages. Be sure of that! So, you should concentrate your analysis on a certain point. Your work will be small but deep in this case. Thus, after studying the research paper and all necessary additional information you should point out an aspect that seems to be the most interesting for analyzing. Put it in the form of a thesis statement. Pay attention that it should depict fully the subject of your critical analysis.
  4. When thinking over your analysis make an outline containing the main points that you want to dwell on. That will help you make your work well-structured.
  5. Pay attention to your writing style. Avoid slang elements, jargon, idioms and other colloquial units.

Be sure that this information will help you cope with your critical analysis of a research paper.

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