Critical Essay Editing


Critical Essay Editing

If you wrote the first draft of your wonderful essay, make a small break. Let draft lie down for a couple of days until you gather your thoughts. Sometimes, pause can be extremely useful to give you new ideas on the issue. Once you relaxed, you have to start critical essay editing. In the process of critical essay editing, you will rewrite some paragraph change their sequence, add or remove words and phrases, change the structure, add new ideas, etc. Your critical essay should be very different from the first draft. Critical essay writing is a wearisome process. It's still very difficult to meet the standard of 500-odd words, under condition that you need to describe your live and yourself, for example.

Critical essay editing is not the same as proofreading. Proofreading is changing sentence structure and correcting mistakes. While critical essay writing editing requires your full attention and you have to focus on style, wording, formatting, referencing, flow of ideas, presentation, etc. But do not rush to tear in pieces the draft if you have found many mistakes and do not send an electronic version to the basket. According to academic research, the first draft is very valuable because it contains your personal ideas and thoughts.

Critical Essay Editing Tips

Editing a critical essay is a process of making your writing better. While critical essay writing is over, critical essay editing begins. You should be aware that sometimes writing and editing require equal time. Not fair? The process of writing is about putting your thoughts on a paper, while the process of editing is about making your thoughts readable. Editing of the written work should be done very carefully taking into account grammatical, spelling and stylistic rules. Make sure that there are no repetitions and misunderstanding between sentences.

Paper Editing Tips

You should not submit a critical essay without editing! Well, you can, however, your should be ready to get the grader lower than your expected. In the process of critical essay editing, try to give answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you understand the question (topic)?
  2. Have you worked out argumentation?
  3. Have you made an outline covering stages of argumentation?
  4. Did you carefully read the literature on the topic?
  5. Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence?
  6. Are the paragraphs logically connected?
  7. Do you use effective evidence?
  8. Did you make references to the sources?
  9. Is critical essay conclusion concise and relevant to the case?


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