Critical Literary Essay


While writing a critical essay you should analyze and explain one of the literary works such as drama, poetry or fiction. Your task is to explain the literary work by means of interpretations and analysis. The interpretation of the work requires your deep understanding of the text you are going to investigate. Interpretation is about your individual understanding of the literary work. Critical thinking essay requires a deep exploration of the text. The thesis statement should reflect your interpretation of the literary text. You should start your examination of the work with the overview of the title. The title informs about the main idea of the work. Read the text carefully to gain the understanding of the plot, setting, main and secondary characters, and the conflict in the text.

In the process of critical literary essay writing, you should prove and support your interpretation - find several examples and quotes in literature that support your idea. While writing an essay, remember that you must persuade the reader that your point of view is the best one. It will depend on your arguments. While writing a critical essay, your point of view should be supported by secondary sources as well. You do not need to retell the story; brief summary will be enough. The critical literary essay writing is based on the assumption that the reader of your essay has read the text. Document all the secondary sources. The direct quotes should also be documented at the end of the literary essay. Usually, MLA style is the most appropriate for this type of essay writing.

Critical Essay Outline

The introduction of the critical literary essay consists of one paragraph that obviously includes thesis statement at the end of it. Give a brief presentation of your critical essay. Thesis statement will be your main idea that is meaning of examined text in your interpretation. Make sure that your introduction includes the name of the author and the title of literary work you write about in your critical essay. The subject of your critical writing is a topic. A thesis statement is a specific idea you are making about the chosen topic. You have to state a clear, strong, and interesting thesis which gains attention of the reader. While writing a critical essay body, give more detailed information on the literary work you are investigating. Describe setting, the main characters and the conflict in more details. Concentrate critical essay writing on your point of view. Write arguments that support your point of view. Conclusion is the final step of the critical essay writing that restate your main ideas and thesis statement:

Critical Essay Writing Help

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