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Custom admission essay

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Sample admission essays

College entrance essay on the topic: “Why Is University of Pennsylvania Good for Me?”

“I love it here” were the words I heard as a voice echoed away. My head quickly turned to see who it was, and I caught sight of a small figure jogging into the distance. A brown, busy ponytail bobbed up and down, and the red and blue “P” on the back gradually grew smaller and smaller.

“Yeah, sure” I thought. “You haven't spent two hours in the car smashed between your two sisters.” When I got out of the car to take a deep breath and to stretch, my mother looked around and noticed tennis courts. “Look, Sherice! You can play tennis in the afternoon. Do you see all the people jogging? You'd always have someone to work out with.” As I looked around, I realized she was right. Although it was early on a Saturday morning, you would never know it. Scattered like ants, people were jogging with Walkmans and proudly wearing PENNT-shirts. Those walking were laughing and talking, like carefree birds flying in the sky. This is what I first remember of PENN…

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