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Some writers rightly embrace the redrafting phase as a kind of 'quality control' of their writing and as an opportunity to craft an exemplary piece of work an attitude that often brings rich rewards. For example, the Russian novelist, short story writer, and philosopher, Leo Tolstoy, author of the two monumental novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, is reputed to his first novel War and Peace rewritten eight times.  His works are read by the whole world.  Not all students are able to write vividly.  Ordering custom writing service, you receive interesting and relevant essay written for you from scratch!

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Redrafting an essay is just as critical as the original drafting of the work. Redrafting provides you with an opportunity to check that:

  • the English essay has been written in a clear, direct and simple manner
  • trite phrases and cliches have been avoided
  • figures of speech have been used appropriately
  • the right words have been chosen, and rare and difficult words avoided
  • repetitions have been avoided or, if used, handled in a skilful and effective manner
  • redundancies have been avoided in the essay
  • alliteration has been used appropriately
  • sentences are of an appropriate length, and are shortened if too long
  • the college essay is read aloud and checked for rhythm
  • the final essay writing demonstrates the hallmarks of originality
  • the college English essay has come together as a coherent, accessible and meaningful whole:

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To produce good essay writing it is essential to apply the elements and principles of style. The key element of style is writing with personality and voice. Through regular practice, mentoring and exposure to the unique styles of other English essay writers, a writing style can be developed and improved. A good writing essay style, in turn, can be developed and improved by upholding the principles of style that have as their ultimate purpose the production of writing that is readable, meaningful, original, memorable and successful. These principles underscore the point that it is only by sitting down and writing an essay and, at the appropriate time, rewriting the project. Custom essay servicehelped already a lot of students and we know how to help you! Custom essay writing is your solution to academic problems. Our writers know and love their job! You will not be disappointed with our custom writing service! gives you an opportunity to enjoy life while our writers are working on your assignments!  If you need more information on our prices and/or services, you are welcome to contact us at any time!

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