Descriptive Essay Writing


Descriptive Essay Writing

Writing an essay is the most effective way to develop writing and thinking skills. As you already know, descriptive essay writing is an integral part of educational process in any institution. The purpose of descriptive essay writing is to deepen obtained in the course theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge on the study discipline, to inculcate skills for self-study material on the selected topic, and to teach to collect, to study and to synthesize material sources. In addition, descriptive essay writing helps to expand the presentation of the students on those sections of the course that were studied.

College essay should be written on the basis of carefully examined sources, collected and processed material. Essay can be a creative work on the free topic (e.g. 'What I know about political scientist profession', 'Why does political scientist need historical knowledge'), or on any other issue. Used material must be reworked and organically linked to a student chosen topic. Topic presentation must be specific and saturated with actual data. Attention should be drawn to the language and style of essay writing. College descriptive essay must be logically linked and have logical transitions between distinct parts, and within the text. English essay content must have a single road - all paragraph should be linked, complement and enhance one another.

Essay Writing Tips

Obligatory requirements to the English essay writing:

  • Presence of the personal position and ability to defend/prove it.
  • Clarity, including terminological.
  • Sequence of material presentation and absence of inconsistent assertions.
  • Depth of investigation of the topic and complete disclosure.
  • Creativity and originality of conclusions.
  • Evidence and wealth of factual material.
  • Clear material structure that includes obligatory presence of introduction and conclusion;

Help to Write an Essay

Descriptive essay structure consists of the content, introduction, the main part, the conclusion. Introduction is the structural part of the main text. It is an initial paragraph that brings the essence of essay issue. You need to formulate the relevance and importance of selected topic, the degree of your knowledge, and include the objective of writing. Conclusion is the last paragraph that summarizes the main ideas and restates thesis statement written in the introduction. The number of the used literature for descriptive English essay depends on the degree of knowledge on the topic and the raised problem. Selection of literature for college essay writing is independent work the success of which depends on the ability to use catalogs, directories and bibliographic resources.

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