Descriptive Essays


Descriptive Essays

Since the descriptive essay was established as a kind of specific genre, it differs from others work by strongly expressed, an individual look at a particular object, phenomenon of nature, the object of speech, which the writer describes or is experiencing. Writing descriptive essays, students should keep in mind some basic rules of descriptive essay writing such as:

  • The students need to remember that the discussion on a particular topic, issue, or subject of the descriptive essays does not imply their complete interpretation, definition, statement, and analysis.
  • The author describes one or other event from all sides, while not covering it completely.
  • In the descriptive essays, object or event seems to serve as a pretext for the thoughts of the one who writes.
  • Or, the writer goes around and around of specific topic, as he/she «weaves a lace» or «web» of the narration.
  • College descriptive essays can be devoted to philosophical and historical issues, critical and literary issues, autobiographical facts, and much more:
  • It should be borne in mind that there could be various ways of discovering the world for this genre: artistic, scientific, religious.
  • For the author, academic descriptive essay is the most important personal understanding of the world and the attitude to it. As the ways of such comprehension, he/she draws many examples, reveals the parallels, selects the lines, and uses all kinds of association, assimilation, and adhesion.

Motivation and Inspiration

Two basic things that the writer needs when writing college essays are motivation and inspiration. Both of them are changeable and cannot be someone else's will. They should be warmly coaxing, beckoning, and promising that the journey is worth of the efforts. You have to convince yourself that one, who conquers his/her “own Everest” and set his/her own flag on the top of mount will experience great happiness. If you are still standing at the beginning of your road, you should know that a view, which is seen from the top of completed college descriptive essay, worth of all the efforts spent on it.

If you would write only under ideal conditions, and when you would have a will, you would be as an artist, who uses only a limited number of colors. Surely, it is possible to draw something good in this way but that work will always miss something.

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