Dissertation Editing Paper


Dissertation Editing Paper

Why should you edit your paper or dissertation? The answer is evident: you will not have the second chance to make an impression on your teacher. It is your task to ensure that your dissertation writing is free of errors, mistakes, and inconsistencies. Editing is necessary to check the flow of ideas, thesis methodology, relevance of content, thesis format and all other issues which have strong impact on the quality of your work. So editing is about spelling, capitalization, grammar, word usage, content, etc.

Dissertation Editing Paper Methods

There are two methods of dissertation editing: self edit and peer edit.

Self-Edit is done by yourself. You need to read your own dissertation backwards: start with the last sentence, then read the second last sentence, then move to the third last sentence, and so on. If each sentence makes sense, your dissertation is well-written. If it does not, you should revise it accordingly. Use your senses to identify places for improvement:  do you see or hear any mistakes in your arguments, ideas, or statements?

Peer-Edit is done in a group. Due to the fact that you are the author of your own paper, you may not notice many mistakes and as the result, may not be able to edit your dissertation effectively. Ask a couple of your friends or family members to read your dissertation (chapter by chapter, for example) and highlight the areas requiring your attention. Is argument clear? Are your points based on evidence?

Dissertation Editing Paper Tips

  • Every sentence should have two essential parts: you should tell what/who the subject is and what is happening.
  • Focus on easy to understand sentences but do not oversimplify, try to use different combinations of such words as but, or, yet, that, which, because, when, etc.
  • Use commas and periods only where it is necessary
  • Do not abuse the exclamation mark!
  • Check spelling of specific terms with the help of dictionary

Dissertation Paper Editing ARRR Technique

ARRR technique is one of the most effective editing tools. ARRR stands for Adding (is it necessary to add data to make your argument clear), Rearranging (is information logically presented?), Removing (is it necessary to remove any information?), and Replacing (is it necessary to replace any phrases to make stronger expressions?).  Why should you try ARRR technique for your dissertation editing? It helps you make decisions about what to improve, gives opportunity to take a look at the writing from a different perspective, make your writing clearer, more interesting, more informative, and more convincing.

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