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Dissertation Help

Welcome to our blog! Read the following strategies for clear thesis dissertation writing:

  • Stay focused on the point. It is surprising how often a sentence or a paragraph can wander aimlessly. Ask yourself, 'What is this sentence/paragraph about?' and 'What do I try to say?' Be critical, very critical, of what you write in dissertation because your dissertation examiners will be!
  • Write in whole sentences (except for headings). Each sentence should be grammatically correct and thematically justifiable.
  • Lack of careful dissertation editing creates an impression that many students write much worse than they speak. A good dissertation test of whether a sentence is complete is to ask yourself, 'Could I say this to an audience during the formal lecture?' Dissertation statements that are incomplete, emotional or not supported are usually not suitable for a formal lecture. Similarly, they are unlikely to be appropriate for your MBA dissertation.

  • Use linking sentences and paragraphs. Linking sentences are useful because they build a bridge to the next paragraph and, therefore, maintain coherency and flow. Linking paragraphs are also useful at the end of a chapter, usually after a summary paragraph, inviting dissertation reader to summarize what has been just read and introduce the next chapter.

Linking sentences such as 'The preceding analysis has demonstrated - can summarize your dissertation argument and build a bridge to the next dissertation section or chapter.

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  • Avoid double negatives. While the preceding sentence is true, the accumulation of negatives makes the sentence difficult to follow. Positive statements such as 'Avoiding double negatives makes it easier to follow the flow of an argument' are much easier for dissertation reader to understand.
  • Be aware of prescriptive language. This site is written in prescriptive language ('you should'), but dissertation papers should not be. Junior research students are often tempted to make sweeping judgments ('managers should ..., 'good researchers must ). Your dissertation writing should include more prudent language such as 'the evidence supports ... or 'such a view reinforces... or 'the divergent theories suggest ..., Broad statements invite a critical dissertation examiner to think of occasions that are not very knowledgeable on the issue.


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