Dissertation Topics


Useful Dissertation Topics Ideas

What is the main reason of your having not started to write your dissertation yet? Well, the point is clear, you just cannot choose among lots of dissertation topics and failed to invent your own, original one. Perhaps the dissertation topics you provided to your tutor were rejected. The reasons for this could be the following:

  • The dissertation topics you provided were not original. It does not mean, of course, that you were going to present somebody’s ideas as your own, but it is clear that somebody has already investigated the topics that you might like. 
  • Your supervisor might not like the dissertation topics provided by you because he or she does not find them interesting or his\her knowledge in the field you chose is not deep enough.
  • Your dissertation topics are original, but do not present genuine interest. It means, the results of the investigation, presented in your dissertation, should be potentially useful in the field of science you work in.
  • The dissertation topics you presented are not manageable in the time available. Remember, the narrower the topic you choose the better.
  • The dissertation topic, appealing to you, is new, interesting and original, but you will not be able to find the necessary number of books, journals etc to write your dissertation on it, i.e. you do not have enough of material.

So, the search for an interesting, original topic is something like a treasure hunt. You can come across it during your lessons and seminars or while preparing you assignments and then develop and follow it up through numerous books, journals, reports etc. When, finally, you are sure that you have produced that very topic that really appeals to you, and you will be able to write the dissertation on it within the available period of time, try and write some dissertation topics more. These topics may overlap with the one that you have personally decided on, but keep in mind that your supervisor’s opinion may be a little bit different from yours. In this case it would be good to have some 3-5 topics to choose from.

Remember, that your supervisor has helped many students through their dissertations, and he will be your guide through all the difficulties that may arise during your work. And, though your decision on the dissertation topic will be decisive, your tutor will give you some useful piece of advice and will surely help you when needed.

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