English Essay Writing Outline


English Essay Writing Outline

Prior to writing English essay, you need to develop strategies for thinking and questioning. Setting up comparisons, questioning propositions, checking an argument for validity are all relevant for essay writing. Here are some useful strategies for your English essay writing outline. Ultimately, you will need to devise the one you can comfortably use while writing college English essay.

Strategy one:
  1. Introduction (raise an issue). Say why X, Y and Z are important. Say what your English essay discusses and what the order is in which it is structured.
  2. Set the context, generate a background, and touch on issues. Review the background literature if it is necessary for English essay writing.
  3. Make specific comparisons. Give examples.
  4. Construct an argument based on evidence (main body of an essay).
  5. Draw some conclusions if you can. Summarize if necessary and point out any important implications.
  6. Add references, bibliography, and an appendix.
Strategy two:
  1. Decide on approximately ten areas you want to write about.
  2. Write an outline and introduction.
  3. Write logically from paragraph to paragraph.
  4. Search for a more appropriate structure.
  5. Try out at least 3 structures.
  6. Choose one of these and redraft an English essay.
  7. Look at the overall shape. Is there an argument?
  8. Use a checklist devised by you to see if you have considered everything you needed to consider.
  9. Add references, bibliography, and an appendix.

Good Essay Topics

There are many ways to write about the same essay topic. Writing an essay sometimes you are clarifying a point, sometimes analyzing the implications of the point you have just made.

Below are the four common strategies for English essay writing.  You are welcome to choose any strategy:

1 Describing 2 Interpreting 3 Generalizing 4 Hypothesizing

The commonest form of English essay writing and the one that is the easiest to apply is describing. Description may be essential if you have to analyze the rigorous analysis and provide insightful comment. It is rarely possible to sustain lengthy description without moving to other forms of writing, especially if it is passive, factual description of events and situations. If you are not sure whether your academic English essay writing is descriptive without being analytical, try to find propositions within the essay. If none exists, then you probably have a mere description rather than expression of a point of view. Description acts as a symbol from which the reader can easily understand the message of the English essay.  Placing an order at Custom-Paper-Writing.com, you receive custom written English essay and free outline.  In addition, you are welcome to request free services such as editing, revision, and cover page.  We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation based on trust and respect.

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